Will hurricane Harvey infuse the WTBT$ with more money? Or cost them more money?

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  • exjwlemming

    In the past, I have known many brothers that had trekked down to the southern US to perform relief work on behalf of the WTBT$. They return as heros. They shared the repairing and rebuilding of KH and the property of fellow believers. Many gave presentations to the congregation and share their experiences and pictures in a KH sanctioned setting. You were looked down on, if you didn't attend the propaganda session.

    EXJWs have shared stories of how homeowners are pressured to sign over insurance payouts to the WTBT$ when their homes were repaired by fellow believers. I have read reports in the media of how many people don't not have flood insurance. I guess the rates had skyrocketed after the last hurricane devested the area. We also know that JWs are not the most affluent people in the community. Do you think the WTBT$ will be more cautious in repairing homes and even prequalify those with insurance before the work begins? How could they justify helping one family on one street and not another on the opposite street? Either they help all or none? Otherwise, many of the "friends" might have a bad taste in their mouth and cause them to question the motives of the org. Could this drain the org of money? Would they break even by getting some insurance payouts to supplement the cost of materials for all and the abundance of free labor? The WTBT$ may have to get creative with a letter to the "christian congregation" that puts some sort of "theocratic spin" on the situation. Maybe they would establish a hierarchy of those to helped in a certain order...eldurs, MS, reg pioneers, reg aux pioneers, aux pioneers, and publishers with flood and homeowners insurance? Everyone else, "keep warm and well fed."

  • Magnum

    I have been intending to start a thread on what I call the disaster relief scam, so I'm only going to comment briefly here.

    I'm virtually certain that Harvey won't cost the org a penny; money flows one way in JW land - to the org.

  • _Morpheus

    What magnum said x2. It wont cost them a dime. They will profit on the generous spirit of dubbies who want to help those effected by the storm

  • Chook

    The org will probably buy a carpet company so as to " help" the unfortunate flood victims.

  • smiddy3

    The poor suckers Brothers and sisters that go down to do relief work all voluntary all expenses borne by themselves

    and get nothing in return ,

    Whereas the WT Society reaps the benefits especially where Kingdom halls ,Assembly halls are concerned in eventually selling them off and keeping the profits made then re-investing and making more profits going where ?

    We would all like to know.

  • Incognito
    Would they break even by getting some insurance payouts to supplement the cost of materials for all and the abundance of free labor? - exjwlemming

    Does WT actually purchase building materials for relief projects, or are materials donated by JWs and suppliers from other areas? Even if materials had to be trucked-in, I suspect the majority of shipping expenses including fuel, is paid by 'brothers' who own or may have access to trucking equipment.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I can't see a plausible scenario in which they don't at least break even. They will, almost certainly make a profit. If they find themselves unable to defraud insurance companies in sufficient numbers (i.e. not enough JWs have insurance) then they'll just write letters and go on their tv show and tell everyone to donate money to be used for the victims and people will give.

    As far as rebuilding their property (kingdom halls, etc) they'll just charge the locals for that too. I'm sure they're insured as well, so they'll do the usual insurance scam there and make a tidy profit.

  • joe134cd

    I think unless Wt is prepared to help everyone, or those that are in the most desperate need of help e.g no insurance. Then they shouldn't get involved at all. There just to much bad press out there about it.

  • Done

    I owned a flood restoration company in the northern states. After one of the flooding hurricanes I offered multiple Vans and all resources I could spare to go south and help with jw Services. No response to my emails and voicemails

  • Crazyguy

    I think they want local elders or Ldc brothers running the show down there. They then can get the insurance checks and have local brothers do all the work. Done, maybe they didn't take you up on your offer because they hadn't thought of the scam yet or they didn't want to expose themselves in some way by using you?.

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