Hot off the press - Maintaining Congregation Meetings During COVID-19 Pandemic

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  • ToesUp


    They won't waste their time on us either. We have great BS meters and they know it. lol

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The one thing that letter shows is the GB has no clue about earning a living.

    There are not enough alternate homes, competent brothers ( or sisters) or connections. If you think the broadcasts are boring, just wait until you see the locally produced stuff

    Who is going to put on the show? The elders here are old, and someone would have to run the sound box. I am not spiritually qualified to even clean now. I will do any non spiritual thing in my meager power for neighbors or even strangers. I am old so in the high risk group and have health concerns that qualify.

    No word from the elders here today, they should be canceling because of trumps 10 suggestion.

  • Smiles


    Thanks for the leak.

    Watch Tower cannot afford to lose more control than has already slipped away as a result of the global emergency, so the GB must now dictate what is discussed among small neighborhood groups and family groups.

    Watch Tower is much too micro-managerial and paranoid to allow neighborhood and family groups to freely "encourage one another" without the discussion agenda being strictly controlled by the GB.

    #4 in that letter about restricting JW Stream is a very telling point. Watch Tower cannot permit a single congregation to stream out meeting programs to national audiences of unlimited numbers because it would give that one streaming congregation an unfiltered voice and authority rivaling that of the GB via official JW Broadcast... a potentially mutinous risk that Watch Tower will not tolerate even during the unusual changing times of a global emergency.

    Condensed, centralized control is critical to Watch Tower survival because when that centralization deteriorates, JWs will naturally unplug, begin to think for themselves and act independently. Same thing happened to early Christianity as the apostles lost their grip on the congregational groups, and also at JW HQ several times over the decades.

    Due to this global pandemic, the future of Watch Tower trajectory now relys heavily on the performance of congregation elders deployed with marching orders to ensure each individual JW home keep minds plugged into the GB control matrix.


    They are idiots. The fact that they insist on forcing Elders and possibly Servants to meet in order to have live-streaming meetings shows that they have no clue about how this virus spreads or they just don’t care.

    There should be ZERO meetings of any kind.

    Having anyone risk their health when they should be at home with their families shows just how deluded and ignorant and cloistered and dumb and stupid and preposterous these moronic imbeciles really are.

    I hope they recover just long enough to be litigated out of existence.


  • Smiles

    We agree with DD.

    ZERO gatherings because that ONE over-zealous fool will attend when he is contagious...

    Why cant they privately call on the telly to "encourage one another" one-on-one like rational people?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Should some anonymous source tip off the tv people about the congregations having meetings anyway? Asking for a friend.

  • Pistoff

    This letter is all about PR, not concern over the members.

  • Stealth

    Did these instructions come directly from Jehovah to his slave, or are they from imperfect men?

    Are the GB members continuing to attend public meetings at their ages? If so, a brotherly kiss could send the whole lot of them to their heavenly reward sooner.

    Or are they hypocrites hunkering down in their ivory tower while telling the flock to do the opposite? Maybe if some congregation members die, it would ramp up energy and speculation that the end is here.

  • Pistoff

    My wife's meetings are canceled; my son's KH has issued nothing, no cancelations, no guidelines for interactions, nothing.

  • pixel

    This is from the Re: Large Christian Gatherings and the Memorial March 12, 2020 latter, Stealth:

    It has been decided that Bethel family members will not travel to other congregations for Memorial assignments. Therefore, if a Bethel family member was scheduled to give the Memorial talk, then the body of elders will need to select another speaker.—sfl chap. 20 par. 6.

    Even though it talks about the memorial, I pretty much doubt they are dispatching Bethelites to regular meetings as of now.

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