I am still not able to solve this God's name paradox...

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  • psyco

    I am finishing to read the entire Bible (NWT 2013) for my first time (my fault) and I wrote down hundreds, maybe thousands, of questions not clear to me, but one especially came in my mind meditating on God's name.

    If I wanted to summarize the entire Bible in one phrase I would say (even before the Kingdom): God’s name sanctification.

    God is jealous about His name. He does everything for the love of His name, and He wants to be called and prayed using His name. No doubt about all this (repeated several times in the Bible), but it involves the pronunciation of His name.

    God left us His name in the form of יהוה which is unpronounceable. So, we need to add some vowels יְהֹוָה to pronounce it “Jehovah” in English and in all the other translations.

    The question is: what vowels are they and who added them?

    The answer is: they are the vowels of the Hebrew word “Adonai” (Lord in English).

    But who added the “Adonai” (Lord) vowels? Men who wanted not to pronounce God’s name anymore, but “Adonai” (Lord) instead!

    Were these men (after the first Century and before Russell, that is in the apostate period of time) friends or enemies of God?

    The given explanation is that it was because of a superstition (could we say a conspiracy against God’s name pronunciation?) not to pronounce God’s name anymore so it is hard to believe that they were friends of God, but enemies. But since they succeeded in getting God’s name pronunciation lost and God is almighty, apparently it seems it was God’s will that all this happened!

    Apparently, it seems that after 4000 years of using God’s name pronunciation chosen and revealed by Him, we must use now (as in the 2000 following years) God’s name pronunciation chosen by men. But chosen by which men? By the ones who did not want to pronounce God’s name anymore changing its pronunciation! So, who’s game are we playing?

    Everybody calling (which involves pronunciation) God’s name will be saved, but God’s name pronunciation has not been saved from a human superstition that succeeded in getting this pronunciation lost and in getting this name removed from the New Testament: why? Does it have sense? Why not to reveal also initially just the letters יהוה and let men add the vowels they wanted to choose like today instead of the ones chosen and revealed by God if they had to be lost anyway?

    This matter remains extremely confusing for me!!!

    Does anybody (who knows this matter better than me) want to help me, please?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Jehovah comes from the king James bible. It was not obscured or hidden as such, it was known and used in hymns. The jews use G-d in writing.

    It is a story that the name was hidden, my opinion is the name fell into disfavor when it was hijacked in 1931.

    You find different versions in every language. The overlooked part is it distinguishes the bible God from others.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hebrew was written from right to left...so YHWH should in fact be pronounced HWHY--which can be pronounced HUWEE.

    ok? fixed it for you.

  • john.prestor
    Psyco, you sound like a JW. Are you?
  • Drearyweather

    Even if we knew the actual pronunciation of God's name, we would still have used the anglicized version of it or the local regional language version of it.

  • pistolpete

    This matter remains extremely confusing for me!!!

    That's what happens when you rely on a book whose fundamental Truth relies on a

    Talking snake, a Talking donkey, a flying dragon

    Magical Fruit

    Invisible beings who materialize to rape beautiful women.

    And a Name that everyone argues on the way it should be pronounced.

  • carla

    To start with using a NWT is part of the problem, the jw's have perverted the Bible so much to suit their own doctrines. Maybe you should do a comparison with other versions.

  • Simon

    Did any other cultures invent the "genius" idea of having writing that couldn't be read? Maybe Egyptian hieroglyphics?

    And FYI, gods name is "Harold", everyone know that from the lords prayer:

    "Our father who art in heaven, Harold be thy name ..."

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    "Our father who art in heaven, Harold be thy name .

    i thought it was "which art" in heaven..

    hence gods full name is Harold Witchart.

  • oppostate

    In the Bible, God wants people to be loyal to Him. It is okay to call Him Father. The Bible says loyal believers in God are His spiritual children.

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