The elephant on the street

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  • dubstepped

    No use trying to save someone that clearly is a devil worshiping apostate, right? It is funny how selective they are in trying to save people. Some might say bloodguilty. ;)

  • stuckinarut2

    Wow! They were polite to you in public?

    Maybe they can teach the ones near me to be the same? My local cart workers are seething with hatred when I try and politely say hi and offer them a coffee!

  • Finkelstein

    The brainwashing the JWS receive makes for not too surprising response when you come to meet an still in JWS.

    One should even expect it but that's why the JWS gets labeled as a cult for this very reason.

  • Phizzy

    I have heard they are told not to be confrontational, and if a member of the public is confrontational to pack up the Cart and walk.

    A bit different from when Jesus told the guy to " pick up your cot and walk" !

    I would always be polite to them, and expect such back to me, but I never hold back from telling them various "truths" in a calm polite way.

    The shunning/avoiding thing seems to have calmed down over the years as far as myself, they don't leg it at the first sight of me anymore, perhaps they think I am not an Apostate ?

  • humbled

    Shunning is the opposite behavior of the lost sheep illustration. A person who accidentally crosses paths with a “lost sheep” is told to run like hell away!

    This happens to me often at my Farmer’s market where l sell.

    Packing up this past very hot Saturday a middle aged woman in a modest skirt, blouse and simple pearl necklace asked did l also made wooden bowls. I said l rarely do as l am primarily a maker of kitchen tools, spoons and the like. She soon launched into a pleasant and nearly personal revery on bowls her son makes. She went on at some length before saying suddenly. My name is ———-.Aren’t you one of Jehovah’s Witnesses from such and such congregation?

    And l vaguely remembered her as one of those off in the woods folks. Sweet l remembered but l knew she was in for a crash landing.

    ”Not any more” l told her.

    Her eyes turned from me and her face fell frozen. I said the obvious “ so we can’t talk” and she walked away without any sound but the rustling of her petticoat.

    l hope the sheer innocence of our conversation haunts her. They don’t see us as lost sheep —but they have made us the black sheep the evil ones of the fold and yet they never ask us —why?

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