Back again to say hi! Life update after walking away from the cult.

by Darkknight757 19 Replies latest jw experiences

  • schnell

    Congratulations! Very happy for you.

  • rebel8

    great story!

    but you have me worried by quoting Osteen.

  • Raque Invierno
    Raque Invierno

    YES! Congrats on finding your freedom, helping others doing real volunteer work, unlike the work some have been tricked into believing will actually help and the pregnancy.

    How nice that these twins will be born free :)

    Really nice post to read. All the best

  • longgone

    I'm really happy for you, epecially babies on the way. Congratulations!

  • dubstepped
    Congrats on the new life DK and the new babies to come!!! Quote who you want at this point, who gives a f#$!, just go be happy and life a life of YES instead of that awful humanity robbing existence as a mindless drone in the Borg. Good for all of you. Get that new job, expand your horizons, and LIVE life instead of waiting for false promises of the future. Find what makes you happy.
  • Darkknight757

    I don't normally quote televangelists but he did make a good point. Positive thinking and positive karma will make for a positive life. Or at least can contribute to a happier existence.

    Thanks everyone for reading and sharing your blessings!

  • Lostandfound

    Wonderful news, congrats on twins, my mind is still whirling around after I looked up your new exciting career, take it for granted with all sorts of equipment but someone has to handle the delicate production, watch out for robots!

  • LongHairGal


    Congratulations on the newfound happiness in your life both family and career related. I am glad your wife is with you and not stuck in the religion.

    Even though I'd never get involved with religion again, I have also watched Osteen a couple of times just out of curiosity. He makes some general good points and is helpful with building people's self-esteem. This is in sharp contrast with a religion like the Witnesses who tried to tear it down.

    Even though I am many years out of the JW religion, I enjoy coming on the forum to read the interesting stories newbies have to tell.

  • millie210

    Most beautiful thing I have read all day!

    And congratulations X 2!!!!!!

  • Perry

    Well done!

    That's moving pretty fast.

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