I am starting to think there is more to these riots than just some meets the eye.

by phoenixrising 20 Replies latest social current

  • Simon
    What is your point?

    That's he's a hypocrite - he stands up claiming there's massive racism when he personally was twice elected president and has accumulated wealth, making him one of the most privileged people in America.

    The mansion he bought is also on the coast while he's been selling everyone the lie that climate change is going to rise sea-levels and wipe us all out. His mouth says one thing, his actions say another.

    He was great at reading a prepared speech off a teleprompter, but his act is getting old now and he should do what every other president did before him - fuck off and shut up after he's had his turn. It's not his place to criticize his successor, but then we now know he didn't intend to respect the election result.

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