Sensitive data on Watchtower forms

by Fay Dehr 11 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • purrpurr

    What are the options to tick for what level of spiritual the jw is?

  • steve2

    When I studied Industrial/Organizational Psychology papers some thirty or so years ago, research suggested that, if applicants could apply to see what referees actually said about them, referees' reports began to include "code words" among innocuous statements. In the industry, these code words were "red flags" to the initiated but were otherwise not widely known.

    Employers had expressed concern that they wanted to provide truthful referee reports without risking legal problems if they said anything negative about an applicant. Code words gave them a way out.

    I never pursued Industrial/Organizational Psychology, choosing instead Clinical Psychology. But it drove home to me that, one way or another, what others write down about you for the record can be highly contentious and, at the same time, who wants to write a report that will become the subject of a law suit?

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