Do CO's get a check each time they have a convention?

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  • suavojr

    During our weekend convention with the CO I noticed he gets his expenses paid for.

    My question is if the CO then summits another expense report on the following day? The circuit is split in A and B, so therefore the CO meets with the other half the next day.

    Then after the convention he visits a congregation on a Tuesday and turns in another expense report. Wow, if this is the case then is not a bad gig overall for CO's. You add all the green handshakes and free meals, going out to restaurants and even paid trips for special talks. CO's make out good in the name of Jehovah

    The perfect scam 😉

  • Alfred
  • James Jack
    James Jack

    The CO's do very well for themselves, that is the ones who are smart enough to put some back. Don Wallace(Alabama, USA), a former DO, CO, paid in cash for a house to be built for him in Scottsboro Alabama. I asked him how he was able to pay for it and he said: " while a lot of the other Traveling Brother's were taking lavished vacations, me and Arlene saved our money for the day when we would have to come off the road".

  • curiousconfused

    This is one of those “nothing to see here” moments. Yes, CO’s do submit expenses, and could so in the way you suggest. But these would be expenses, like some food, fuel, some stationary....... not a new iPhone or tickets to the Bahamas. Like them or not, most, unless they have family money, live very very frugally and go hand to mouth most of the time. And as and when they are given the “privilege” of coming off the circuit to allow some thirty-something SKE grads to get the gig, they do so with nothing .....

  • suavojr

    Well our CO is retiring this year due to age, but the Jdubs just bought and fixed a mobile home for free, they gave them the lot and bought them a car. Yes the branch does not care for them and expect the rank and file to help. But overall they are not retiring from the circuit work without any financial help. I guess some do better than others

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    swerving off topic a bit...ive read on here about circuit assembly finances--how the watchtower charges so much £/$ per head and collects thousands each time an assembly hall is used. how does it work with big assemblies where the site rent has to be paid ? do they still hold giant international assemblies ?

  • waton

    It appeared in the 50s, that all the work that went into circuit assemblies, cooking meals, and so one went to pay for the circuit overseer,s car. But the on one occasion a brother asked a circuit overseer to look for a used car at a dealer's lot, while he signed for a new one for him in the new car sales office.

    like all wt finances, the less you know the better, to keep your blood pressure normal.

  • suavojr

    These people are running a good an organized scam. It amazes me how we humans can be ao blind to the reality in front of us.

    The rank and file continue to financially support the organization in exchange for salvation from an extraterrestrial invasion of invisible entities 😳

  • suavojr
    They continue to promote and organize international conventions. That is the perfect setup for them to unite the minds of many and get them donate money, energy, careers and life in the name of the organization. For everything else, there’s MasterCard 😂
  • Finkelstein

    The acquirement of money in religious institutions many times involves corruption, it may be even more heighten in institutions that have a publishing house operating at its core, like the WTS. for example.

    Money and power are usually associated with corruption particularity undisclosed in religions.

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