Becoming the average JW (and what I found out about the average 'Joe Witness')

by Skepsis 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • doubtfull1799

    Good post. I have thought along similar lines looking back. As an elder/pioneer etc I was a always so frustrated why I wasn't able to help so many become more "solid in the truth." I couldn't understand why brothers weren't "reaching our" etc. Now, looking back, I wonder how many of those were not happy or didn't believe anymore, were just trying to "fade" but couldn't stop completely due to family, and were just keeping up appearances etc etc. Now I'm starting to think - a lot!

  • zeb

    ..and I learned a very hard way not to trust the jw in any business dealings, their workmanship is average and the fees they want are top. If there is a problem they run off screaming to the elders who then will sound the wt mantra, "the system is ending soon"... so f*** off.

    The wt is an abomination.

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