Becoming the average JW (and what I found out about the average 'Joe Witness')

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  • smiddy

    I would consider ourselves as being on the fringe of the "in" club of the congregation I was a MS with two well behaved kids that Elders respected

    A couple of Elders and MS all got together for camping excursions ,resturants ,and associating at each others home for scrabble or sporting events that would come up generally a real social group.

    We were all quite liberal in the sense we always had beer or whiskey as was one elders favourite drink however it was all in moderation but certainly a lot more than what conservative JW`s would consider as moderate.

    Actually they were good times.But you cpould never have discussions about the "truth" or religion at these gatherings the consensus was "we get enough of that at our 5 meeting attendances and witnessing" these were times for socialising and a break from religion.

    This congregation was the exception to all the other cong.we were ever in and it was the one we stayed in the longest in our 33 years of activity as JW`s.

  • steve2

    JW organization's publically professed attitude towards alcohol ('drink in moderation') and its private conduct ('pour you another one and another....and another...'), lends weight to the old adage: The left hand raised to decline one more drink prefers not to notice the right hand picking It up.

  • tor1500


    I'm a witness...go to the boasting meetings..etc...the hall is made up of cliques... Pioneers hang with Pioneers, Publishers who put in a lot of hours, almost as many as Pioneers do, they hang with each other. Aux. Pioneers hang together...and so on...

    If you want to be an average publisher, they will say well if you aux. pioneer this month you can go to the pioneer meeting...I say Why? What is it a secret society? Privi. info. that us average Joe's can't know...if it's to help the ministry why can't the publishers know too...I watch the Pioneers in my hall. They know the answers but sit up there all smug, and won't answer or answer like, ah, these dumb publishers...I guess I'll have to raise my hand and give them the answer....

    I am a regular Joe at the hall, I give certain amount of hours and no more...the more you do the more they want. I follow the scripture where it says God will trust you with a little and see if you are dedicated to that and how well you do...if you want more hours in the ministry, I'll think about it...

    Many think I have a pioneering spirit but what it is, is that I'm positive and when I DO go out in service I put my heart into it...once the 2 hrs. or so are done...I'm out...I have no desire to pioneer...I have no desire to have my name announced from the stage...


  • zeb

    see pm.

  • James Jack
    James Jack
    GrreatTeacher15 hours ago

    James Jack, your comment about sisters wearing bikinis at a pool party made me chuckle. That seems so very appropriate! Maybe I've been out too long and have forgotten, but do JWs really have issues with wearing bikinis to the pool?

    Are you kidding? Of course the R&F do! Heck, I bet half the Witnesses don't believe in going swimming in the company with the opposite sex! Too much temptation.

  • Skepsis

    For me, who really believed in all the theology of the WT and thought in terms of 'black and white' is so astounding to discover a new whole dimension inside the Org. This is a more normal, healthy and balanced way of living as a Witness. I just can't stand meeting with the pompous brothers who want to climb the ladder of a Theocratic career.

    I'm very happy eating out after meetings with normal witnesses rather than being in the select club of the Most Idiot Slaves of the Wachtower. How could I have been one of them? Why was I so stupid? :S

    And yes, now I'd go to the kind of parties James Jack describes. When is the next one?

  • pbrow


    I can offer you a tuesday night of just going to eat chinese with out having to go to the meeting!! As a bonus, if you choose to accept this offer you will also get your self respect, dignity and real friends! What do you have to do to accept this offer? Simply be your own person and do them!! But wait... there is more!!

    For a limited time if you accept my offer today, I will throw in the ability to have pool parties including booze and bikini clad lady friends without EVER having to worry about anyone "telling" on you for being a normal human being! It wont matter if it is 8 months or 8 years down the road! I know this sounds crazy but it can really all be yours by simply walking out the door of your local kingdom hall and never looking back!

    Piece of mind.... Get out and get some!

  • ToesUp

    "I know this sounds crazy but it can really all be yours by simply walking out the door of your local kingdom hall and never looking back!"

    Oh yeah...we can back that up 100%. It feels awesome! Life is good!

  • steve2

    Sometimes we have to stop doing something before we get a complete perspective on its impact on us and what it really "looks" like; that is, the constant activity of some JWs prevents them from standing back and seeing what their lives have become: A series of timed commitments in which the individual is trapped in a cycle of needing to stay within his/her clique.

  • pbrow


    I have had that convo with my mother many times. I can also look back on my reasoning on why I did certain things as well. When you are in, even if you are in the fading class, it is very difficult to back away far enough to see that you still have the bias in your view. It was only when I mentally and formally got out did I see the stupidity of my own reasoning.

    If you stay in, even if you are fading, it is very difficult to see how damaging it is to stay a member of this organization.


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