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  • Corney
    Here is a list of SOME of the NWT REVISED Language Editions published so far:
    Albanian; Arabic; Armenian; Chinese Traditional 2017; Danish 2017; Dutch-Netherlands 2017; Estonian; Haitian Creole; Italian 2017; Korean 2014; Modern Greek 2017; Norwegian 2017; Portuguese 2015; Romanian; Russian; Swahili 2017; Swedish 2017; Ukrainian; Vietnamese.

    No, there are no NWT revised editions in Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Russian and probably in few other mentioned languages. See the front pages (look at the date):





    By contrast, Portuguese

    and Ukrainian

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The cost of printing Bibles is definitely very high. I have a collection of other translations (in English) that I have quite a bit of money invested in them. There are not cheap, and even allowing for the profit of sale in the usual bookstores, I can see it being a major expense for the WT. As SBF notes, most JWs will have several copies of the NWT around the house, and will replace them after getting worn. The use of digital Bibles, at least at meetings, will reduce the wear and tear on paper copies. But I doubt that the use of paper copies will ever go away. I remember a short time where they printed a paperback NWT with the idea to save money. But they were so flimsy that they didn't last very long and it turned out to not save any money at all.

  • fastJehu


    I have been told that in Germany the new literature contains the new wording of a the revised version that hasn’t been released yet. So the scriptures quoted in the literature doesn’t match the wording of the NWT version they use either in print or online. Can anyone in Germany confirm that?

    Yes - I can confirm this.

    BUT: this does not apply to the entire German literature. It is only done in rare exceptional cases.

    Here is one example from the April 2017 Watchtower, printed in Dezember 2016.

    Of course, this has inspired the rumors in Germany, that the revised bible in german language would be released for the regional convention summer 2017. However, this has not happened.

    (Richter 5:2) . . .Dafür, daß das Volk sich freiwillig stellte, Segnet Jehova.

    They have changed the word "Segnet" (BLESS) (1987) into "preist" (Praise) (RNWT 2013).

    If so it seems the new German version is complete but hasn’t been printed and distributed, similar to rumours about the Spanish version having been completed years ago.

    Wild guess
    - to conclude from a few "finished" scriptural passages to the whole Bible

    You can search in the german WOL "2013 Edition":

    You will get 5 hits - where they quoted the RNWT in german publications.

  • Wonderment


    Thanks for bringing this up. I went to and checked various language pages, and when I saw the Gray Bible, I assumed it was revised. I was wrong. Apparently, the WT is also using gray color for previous editions.

    Now, those with dates on the list, I think are revisions, as I saw them on their website. I myself downloaded the Greek version of 2017. Also, there is this other list:

    Not sure if this is up to date, though.

  • Wonderment

    In the WT publication below of 2017, Lessons You Can Learn From the Bible in Spanish, you can see that the Society is quoting or basing their Scriptures on the 2013 English Edition. Some have been paraphrased. Which leads me to believe that they are well ahead in the translation of this Revised Edition.

    Las citas bíblicas se han traducido de la versión en
    lenguaje moderno Traducción del Nuevo Mundo de
    las Santas Escrituras (edición del 2013 en inglés).

    Muchas de ellas han sido parafraseadas para que
    los niños puedan comprenderlas más fácilmente.
    Lecciones que aprendo de la Biblia
    Lessons You Can Learn From the Bible
    Impresión de octubre de 2017
    Spanish (lfb-S)
    ̆ 2017
    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
    of Pennsylvania
    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of
    New York, Inc., Wallkill, New York, U.S.A.
    Testigos Cristianos de Jehova ́
    Ctra. Torrej on-Ajalvir, km. 5
    28864 Ajalvir (Madrid)
    Made in Spain
    Hecho en España

  • careful

    Great post and comments—thanks. There is much to consider here.

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