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  • Wonderment

    I have noticed some posters (with frustration) asking for information regarding the NWT in various language editions. Where are they?

    Here is a list of SOME of the NWT REVISED Language Editions published so far:

    Albanian; Arabic; Armenian; Chinese Traditional 2017; Danish 2017; Dutch-Netherlands 2017; Estonian; Haitian Creole; Italian 2017; Korean 2014; Modern Greek 2017; Norwegian 2017; Portuguese 2015; Romanian; Russian; Swahili 2017; Swedish 2017; Ukrainian; Vietnamese.


    Afrikaans; Finnish; French; German; Polish; Spanish; Tagalog.

    You will noticed that three major languages -- French; German and Spanish editions have yet to appear in the Revised Editions. Perhaps we’ll get to see them published this year.

  • keinlezard


    It sound very strange to me ... we heard of French revised version since two or three years ...

    And we all know that this version is a translation of the english NWT ...

    At almost every assembly we heard about this new version ... even in Watchtower or Awake we have new name and ... but new Bible and new verses ... nothing !

    When we know that we have a Bethel in France ... it's a little bit curious ... where are translators ?

    Or maybe where are the funds to reprint around 100 000 new version of a 1600 pages ... :)

    Best regards

  • Drearyweather
    Or maybe where are the funds

    You think that the WT is out of funds?

  • Wonderment

    keinlezard:o It sound very strange to me ... we heard of French revised version since two or three years ...

    What I see on the[ench] website is the édition révisée - 1995 NWT with References - with black cover. The Revised Edition comes in Gray color.

  • smiddy3

    When are Jehovah`s witnesses going to go D.2.D with their NWT of the Bible in Countries like Pakistan ,Bangladesh ,Indonesia ,Qatar ,Saudi Arabia ? just to name a few ?

    Which countries are virtually untouched by any such " witnessing" in their over 100 years existence ?

    What has the enthroned King Christ Jesus been doing these past 100+ years ?

    The only "witnessing" ever been done by J.W.`s is poaching off what Christendom has gone and done before them .I doubt if their is any virgin territory they have ever gone into without Christendom having gone in their before them

    J.W.`s are parasites .! Bleeding off Christendom .

  • slimboyfat

    I had heard before that the Korean revision was published before the English version. Your information seems to confirm that. Also interesting that Portuguese uniquely should be released simultaneously with the English. There was also talk of a smaller revision of Norwegian a few years previously. But there were also minor revisions to the English, such as controversially removing the brackets around “other” in Colossians 1:16; earlier this century. (Coinciding with the paperback version)

    There were rumours that the German version was going to be released last year (2017) but it wasn’t. These may have been empty rumours, but it is also possible the release was delayed for some reason. Instead of releasing the Bible itself, small booklets containing the appendices were released in German.

    Thanks for the information. Could you give any hint where you got it from?

    Affordability is a very real issue with the new Bible. Remember that the project of revision was undertaken before the financial crisis hit Watchtower in 2015. It’s not cheap to print millions of Bibles in dozens of languages. They may regret having undertaken the project. But halting publication of the new Bible at this point would be an embarrassing indication of financial desperation.

  • slimboyfat

    The delay in the Spanish version may be related to cost. There are millions of Spanish speaking JWs (probably more than English) and most live in poorer countries, able to contribute least for the new Bibles. It may be a loss that Watchtower is not able to withstand at the moment.

    I wouldn’t be completely surprised if the Spanish and other versions were released digital-only, although that would appear quite desperate. Not German though, the Germans wouldn’t stand for it. Plus they own the printers now, if that counts for anything.

  • Wonderment


    The NWT is available in Urdu language (Pakistan); Indonesian (Revised Edition - 2017), and Arabic, as noted above (Qatar & Saudi Arabia both use Arabic.)

    I see no NWT in Bangladesh in their language Bengali. Very few Witnesses there (perhaps less than 300 publishers in a land with 163 million people). The Witnesses have hardly a presence in Bangladesh.

  • Wonderment


    I obtained the info directly from the website. The info is scattered, I don’t think it is in one page though.

  • Drearyweather
    The only "witnessing" ever been done by J.W.`s is poaching off what Christendom has gone and done before them

    This shows that Christendom did a bad job in retaining their members. And that's the business model of a religion. Christendom preyed on the vulnerable natives of the land by forceful conversions, bloodshed, crusades. Jesus converted Jews to Christianity. That's how religions grow. You poach the predecessor and target the vulnerability of their members. JW's are not the only one doing this.

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