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    Hello and welcome.

    I am fascinated by those who have gone completely atheist and evolutionist. I don't believe I'll ever change my mind on those things, but it's interesting to see the comments from those who went from full on JW to a complete 180 concerning God and the Bible. I'm open to opinions, always.

    Personally I spent a decade as an evangelical christian after leaving the cult. Eventually I concluded that the bible is not a good moral guide and natural evil makes the existence of the god of xtian theism impossible. I'm always open for a conversation about these things,

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    Here is a link to the series of evolution threads in case you find them useful...
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    Coffty, last comment page four I posted about your forty part series and so much appreciated your hard work. Yes I have It booked marked. I don't post much because I seem to be the story killer LOL. Again Thankyou, everyone should read it IMO.


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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome and the links to the stuff on evolution. I'm open to learning more. Long before I finally broke the chains around my mind I was already open to reading articles and scientific research papers about evolution. Still am.

    I was thinking about a few threads I would like to start, and maybe this one has been talked about before, but as I said I've been devouring this site for years before actually participating, so I wonder it it has been covered:

    A couple of years or so back during Covid I was searching around Youtube for stuff about CT Russel (ever notice how that rolls off the tongue just like PT Barnum?).

    I found videos of the entire "Photo Drama Of Creation" presented by Chucky Russel.

    A big WOW. Seeing this man of myth moving and talking was really weird.

    I actually only watched about the first 2 - 2 1/2 hours of it, and I swear he was talking about evolution being accurate when it came to the dinosaurs. It's been a while, and I'll have to go back to confirm, but I'm pretty sure.

    If there are threads about PDOC I would love to be pointed towards them.


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