Jesus and Satan’s Hilly hike

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  • waton

    Ever apostate, forgive us for hijacking your thread." Climb every mountain--" SOM.

    Island man: "Forgive my pedantry, but actually, the Earth is falling toward the sun...

    not really, if it falls "toward", the radius of the orbit would be shrinking, but as it is, the Earth has one of the most stable circular orbits, bettered only by Jupiter.

    The angular momentum of orbiting matter was derived from its fall inside the cloud that formed the solar system, and that heights of fall can be thought of as potential energy that was originally in the big bang expansion.

    Only lack of energy gives you that sinking feeling.

  • EverApostate

    Waton, No I dont mind being hijacked. Both you and Island man are discussing some scientific concepts and not some religious non sense. I am educated on your discussions and am happy about that.

  • waton

    EverApostate. thinking about hiking up that 3 sided Pyramid ( 4 corners of the earth). The text proves it was written for Flat Earthers, because It speaks of "nations of the earth" in those extremities, and as I said, there is no place for a nation on the top corner.

    Interesting too, that the "camp of the chosen ones" must be the Other Sheep, on earth, whereas the attacked chosen ones in the last generation ( Math. 24) are the anointed. Even the choosing of the chosen ones changes with wt timing.

  • EverApostate

    Yeah, Four corners of the Earth, foundation of earth, Earth firmly established, sun goes into a tent at night , sun stood still.... What a plethora of Figurative nonsense we had believed.

  • MrRoboto

    Along with the Earth being hanged upon nothing, the north is stretched out over nothing (wbts bible says "northern sky" but original text didn't say that) (somewhere in job)

    I'm not a flat earther but I've seen some of the stuff they use in support and viewing of all the kingdoms by Jesus and Satan, from one vantage point, is one of those things.

    Again, I'm not a flat earther but I wanted to note that none of the motions mentioned in the above posts are measurable/provable from our vantage point here, as noted by Einstein. There is no device on earth that can detect its movement, whether it be rotational, the spiral motion mentioned above, nor any other movement. Yet motion is easily detectable on planes, ships etc with a variety of mechanical and electrical/optical devices. All of these devices are sensitive enough to detect the motion of a plane, far above the surface (larger curve than surface) and they detect nothing on the surface. Before anyone mentions the F. pendulum, consider how it SHOULD move at the equator, and compare to actual movements. Hint: it should be stationary but leaning opposite to the direction of earths axial rotation.

    What I find funny about the Jesus/Satan hill account is that Satan offers all those kingdoms to Jesus, if only he will perform one act of.... bowing down? (obiesence) or was that worship? Funny, when Satan wants it, is worship, when others give it to Jesus, it's just obeisance, even though the Greek word is the same.

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