Jesus and Satan’s Hilly hike

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  • EverApostate

    I got an inspiration to create this topic as a Subset of another topic. Satan in heaven.

    As per the Bible,the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.

    Below is a reference from another critic

    The problem with this story is that the earth must be flat for it to work. From a tall mountain it is impossible to see "all the kingdoms." Even standing on Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain on earth, the farthest you could see is 250 miles to the horizon [ref]. Yet we know that at the time of Jesus, there were thriving kingdoms in China, India, South America, Europe, etc. So clearly this story could not have happened.

    If you had been a JW, you may know how the WT has twisted this account to seem more reliable.

    In WT book “Greatest man who ever lived”, this account is stated that Satan showed all the Kingdoms of the earth through some miraculous means. They gloss over the actual Biblical saying that Satan took Jesus to the top of the mountain to show all the Kingdoms of the Earth.

    WT was so ashamed to accept the Geological ridiculousness of the account and hence twisted this to seem more practical. That is my conclusion. Anyone with more thoughts?

  • AnonVet

    Don't forget the tree that reached so far into the heavens that the entire world could see. Daniel 4:11.

    The bible is a flat-earth book.

  • waton

    Even after the 1000 year Reich, the nations will be gathered into the 4 corners of the Earth, which, from a flat disk Earth in Jesus" day, has been stretched into a square, or if you are not a Flat Earther, into a triangular base pyramid. Not much room at the top though.

  • sir82

    The JWs, and other fundy christian sects, often play this card:

    If a particular Bible text seems to support a doctrinal point, it is to be taken *literally*. If a particular Bible text seems to contradict a doctrinal point, it is to be taken *figuratively*.

    You can get a lot of mileage out of that one.

  • waton
    --figuratively*. sir82

    Yeah, like when you take the "nothing" that the Earth hangs on figuratively.

    There is no such thing as "nothing". The Earth is supported against the gravity of the Sun, and not falling into it, by energy, the dynamics of orbital velocity which results in the right centrifugal outward force. the bible s a farce. humorous fun.

  • waton

    an then there was that other hike up to one of the temple towers.

    "Jesus' " anti gravity capacities were still untested (he had not walked on water yet, without sinking) so he wisely declined . You can not die in public in an accident or stunt, if you are supposed to die in a slaughter to undo the "talking snake" damage.

  • EverApostate

    waton, If I am right, I could sense your anger in bashing out the Bible with your humorous yet sensible points. Same here too. I was fooled for 11 years by the WT in believing all such nonsense.

    And I (Thought) had great debates with "Worldly people" in discussing all these garbage.

  • waton

    thank you, E A. the wrong part of the scriptures, and errant wt doctrine needs to be exposed at every opportunity, and there is one effective tool: humour. Not all of the bible concept are bad though, helpful perhaps, where they support morals, family values. case in point: I doubt that my super wife would have married and stuck with me, a beta male.

    Jesus really knew how to go about hiking , and rest. he stayed, without his disciples as chaperones , in the "lady's at the well" Samaritan city for possibly 2 nights.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    The Earth is supported against the gravity of the Sun, and not falling into it,

    Forgive my pedantry, but actually, the Earth is falling toward the sun. It wouldn't be orbiting the Sun if it wasn't. Orbit is achieved when the speed of horizontal movement parallel to the surface of the star or planet you're orbiting is such that the rate at which you're falling toward the planet or star equals the rate at which the surface of the planet of star is curving down away from you.

    Centrifugal force does not apply to orbiting because the orbiting body isn't fixed to the object it's orbiting. If you speed up the forward speed of the earth it will just orbit further away from the sun or leave orbit altogether.

    And the Bible's statement that the Earth is hanging on nothing is totally wrong because the Earth isn't hanging at all. The earth is hurtling through space in a corkscrew motion. It is orbiting around the sun and the sun in turn is orbiting the galaxy in a plane that is perpendicular to the earth's plane of orbit around the sun. When you combine the two motions the earth is making a corkscrew path through space.

  • waton

    A hitch- hikers guide to the galaxy! island Man, pedantic is right. When we speak of a fall, we generally mean toward the center of gravity of the mass. not a perpetual fall forward that always misses the target.

    The bible description, speaks of hanging, a supporting force upward, like from a "sky hook" away from the sun's gravity well (that the bible writers knew nothing about).

    Gravity can be construed to act like a connection. There is work underway to push/pull an asteroid out of the way without ever touching it, by having a "tug space craft " ease it along by it's gravitational influence alone.

    It is the energy of (dynamic) motion that balance the pull of gravity or the other attracting forces. That is where one of the few scientifically plausible bible texts come in: Isaiah 40:26.

    Without the excess of [dynamic] energy, matter would never have been able to climb out of the deep well of the big bangand it's aftermath , or maintain its distance in orbits, in atoms, star system, galaxies superclusters the universe.

    orbital velocity energy is pulling up not pushing. the quasi force is centri- fugal. pointing to flee from the center.

    long live energy, where would we be without it.?

    PS. thank you for bringing this up. It would open the way for wt to claim that the "hanging on nothing" words support the heliocentric world view, long before Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler. (the sun is still hanging in the day's sky, , on nothing too! ha ha)

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