I couldn't take it anymore, although still in because of my wife, I did this...

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  • nonjwspouse

    he used a random congregation. Its not real info. So, these elders will search a little while before giving up. I find this awesome as they will likely read this letter entirely seeking for details that could give up the anonymous prankster.

    Oh this is fantastic thinking!

  • hoser

    I've seriously considered doing something like this

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I have meditated in my mind of how I will react if ever the elder approach me on this. That is if ever they ask me some how, "was this letter written by you?"

    I will rip up the paper and ask how dare you?! and push the elder literally in the chest. I know I may be a little bit delusioned a bit on this. But the madness of living with someone who is in, and the none stop of my wife going to the meetings and me to of going to most of them is getting the better of me. Sometimes I think I will loose it. I will blurt out that this isn't the truth and, "you are all a bunch of hypocrites!" I just feel it in my bones. I'm just that type of person. I don't know some times.

    Don't you ever want to know the people on this forum better sometimes. You know, like be friends. I know that when I read the comments, I feel a real connection to many of you. WAY more closer than I do to the people at the Kingdom Hall, that's for sure. I just wish I could know some of you better...

  • WingCommander
    Should have put that you were baptized in the Menlo Park Congregation, so IF the Elders googled that name, they'd get an eyefull! lol
  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Did anything ever come of this? Love it

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Absolutely nothing became of it. The elders evidently never knew it was me. And now with me moving back to Chicago, hopefully they will never know.

    I plan on starting my fade once I get there too.

  • freddo

    What's the situation with your wife LTPF? Any change in her view?

  • LevelThePlayingField

    It's hard to tell. She's definitely 100% in right now. The brothers & sisters have been coming by a lot with meals and things and this has been a persistent thing for a while now.

    But I think in her mind she is happy just to get back "home", and honestly I think sometimes she wants a break from the meetings. I have mentioned to her that the org is selling of KH because of the lack of money, but she says, 'yeah but at least they are prudent with the money & discreet'. So as far as TTATT goes, it will probably take a lot more time.

  • JaniceA

    Prudent and discreet? They are so prudent that they refuse to comply with societal and ethical norms, they can't keep their membership and they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars building a showplace in the middle of a resort area. You could find a long list of impudent deeds, and their lack of transparency is NOT the same as discretion.

    People with power have always done their best to keep their indiscretions to themselves, rather than parading their crazy on the front porch. That discretion has bitten the butt of various churches, ministries and governments recently. Including theirs. It seems that the leaking just keeps along at a steady drip until it reaches a tipping point where no one can claim to be ignorant of the real issues.

    Right now JWs have to keep their heads firmly up their butts to ignore the truth of it. Or they become accomplices and enablers.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Unfortunately, my wife is still-in. I've been inactive for the past 6 years or so and not even 1 visit from the CO or local elders and yet I was an elder in this congregation!

    I've also really mellowed in my attitude toward the borg. I'm not militant anymore as I just live and let live! I still get in my snarky remarks about jw's and the bible's fairy tales but at 71+ I'm not going to rock the boat too much! But that's just me and everyone needs to do their thing when it comes to being PIMO or just fading all together. It's our time to live our life as we see fit and no longer for the borg and their imaginary god yhwh.

    just saying!

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