Something that doesn't get discussed all that much...

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  • Vidiot

    ...but I believe is relevant:

    Just how much is the Watchtower Organization's "business model" dependent on its tax-exempt status?

    Is it truly sustainable without it?

  • Spiral

    Good question. Of course they are keen on keeping it, being that it's also part of the whole "we're a real religion" sham. If governments ever started to really examine them and tax them, I think they might just fail, at least in any country taxing them.

  • Landy

    I think it would be a blow to lose their tax exempt status and they would do anything to avoid it, but they would cut their cloth accordingly and survive. Their cash reserves are huge.

    They have the advantage of being multinational so they can also up and shift their operations to another more tax friendly country.

    And you can bet your bottom dollar they would use every aggressive legal tax dodge to keep from paying tax.

  • Londo111

    Evidently it was important enough for Watchtower to stop selling its magazines and books in 1990.

  • neverendingjourney

    The Witnesses make a farce out of their tax exempt status. The law presupposes that religions are akin to charities. Therefore, society should have an interest in having religions flourish so they can look after the poor and perform other good works.

    The Witnesses don't do any of this. Their literature states that charitable works in general are a waste of time because their time is better spent on preaching. To the extent that they supposedly perform charitable works for their own members, such as repairing homes after natural disasters, it comes with the implied promise that the homeowner will donate their insurance check in full. I can't think of any officially-sanctioned charitable activities that are carried out without any strings attached.

    Their entire outlook and approach runs counter to the purpose of having a tax-exempt status for religion in the first place.


    While discussing "False Religion", with my Eldub brother, I suggested that the Governments should start taxing religion. Why? To prove which religions would obey "Caesar" and which ones would fight to save their money.

    I think he had a brain-fart....


  • Vidiot

    @ Data-Dog...

    Damn, I'd have paid good money to see that.

    Ten bucks says that on some level, he fears the prospect of the WTS losing its tax-exemption.


  • nonjwspouse

    neverendingjourney, the entire reason for the counting and recording of hours is for the proof of "charitable works" for tax exempt status (in the USA at least)

    If they lost the status, think of how much $$$$$ would be paid, for instance, each and every time they sell a property!

    The WTBTS would never make it.

  • nevermind

    Man, it really sucks big time that the WTS religious scam is difficult to expose and prove to the gov't.

    The only thing the JWs are known for is going door-to-door trying to get people convinced that if they don't become one of them then they'll get destroyed by Armageddon. LOL, how the WTS bs is continuing to enjoy charitable status and be tax-exempt beats all of us.

  • Vidiot

    Unlike Scientology, I don't think the WT has ferretted out dirt on the IRS to blackmail them into keeping it.

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