2019 Convention - Televangelist music

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  • blondie

    stumbled by others, are they still doing that? What are they children? I watched who kept talking, elders and their wives, standing if full view of the rest who were finding their seats and/or sitting down. Why should they when the elders don't set the example. It has been 50 years of hearing directions about saving seats, and jws are still doing it. In the early days, jws were told that 15 minutes into the program, publications saving seats would be removed for the ones standing in the back waiting for a seat. Exceptions were made for workers and/or people who were working at a station during the program. But no longer, some very heated jws complained.

  • John_Carter_1912

    This is from BORN-INS of the David Berg cult... this is actually more bearable than the JW.


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