Bethel layoffs of oldies

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  • steve2

    How often did we hear it in one form or another, "In Jehovah's organization, no one is indispensable"? Seems they meant it literally and cruelly.

    Last time I checked in western lands, the elderly ( by national definition, often declared as "Sixty (60) and above"), were often described as being at retirement age.

    The difference with Bethelites,though, is retirement is an unfamiliar concept, given the end is always just around the corner.

    I've no problem with the elderly being put out. Every household reaches a stage at night where pets and old folk need to be put out at night.

    The darkness over the organization suggests it is that time of night not only for pets, but also every single Bethel resident, old AND young, to be put out.

    Just don't forget to bolt the door after the last one leaves.

  • Vidiot

    life is to short - "You would think that the congregations would want to help them after all they gave up their lives for this religion..."

    Well, they would, but...


    ...everything they'd use is "corban"...

  • JWdaughter
    Toesup-in that bethel pic there wasn't anyone under 60. Maybe 70.
  • James Jack
    James Jack
    Those that get to sit up front are "voting Corporate Members"
  • LaFrancia

    Any news ?

    What is the total of reduced in all the world ?

  • Crazyguy

    I heard even more layoffs are taking place. With the cult going digital it can be run from a small house.

  • Londo111

    This was one of the things that almost woke me up.

    It's a sign of the declines. As History goes forward the decline of the Watchtower is inevitable. Total extinction is just a question of how long. One day it will be merely a forgotten historical footnote.

    I feel bad for those people who thought they were doing to best thing with their lives they though possible, only for it to be a lie, and chewed up and spit out. It is a blessing I was never Bethel material.

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