Bethel layoffs of oldies

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  • blondie

    LITS, you would think so but I have seen jws very close with their money even when it is someone in their own congregation they have seen at the meetings for years. Many think that someone else should handle it, the congregation should do it, their non-jw family should do it, but not them. Many of these people have been helped by others in the congregation.

  • flipper
    Well, well - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My JW family has warehoused my older JW mom in order to save money - even misrepresented financial holdings in order to get her into a Medi-Cal facility - not a paid facility . I totally believe this is happening back at Bethel. We have to acknowledge that WT leaders- these are NOT " good guys " - we are dealing with sociopathic men with criminal minds who don't give a flying fuck what happens to anybody but themselves. Many leaders of large corporates ARE this way as well. I hope these WT leaders end up getting sliced by their own financial moves in trying to hide what they do. A bunch of criminals dwelling inside a criminal organization
  • ToesUp

    "men with criminal minds who don't give a flying fuck what happens to anybody but themselves"

    Flipper, it is funny you mention this. We have 2 uber Elders in our family (very close relatives) that could care less what happens to their family. It's ALL about them!

    You are correct, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Or as we say, the NUT doen't fall far from the tree.

  • brandnew

    Put them all here !!!!!! Duh

  • konceptual99
    British branch is being reduced by 25%. Absolute first hand fact. I don't know the make-up of the lay offs.
  • NeverKnew


    Is that as of the last few days?

    Maybe I'm misreading but the OP seems to suggest that the newest releases are in addition to the previously known layoffs.

  • konceptual99
    The OP is talking about Worldwide HQ. I am talking about info received from UK Bethelite in past few days concerning overall numbers going in the British branch.
  • NeverKnew

    Ok. Got it.

    As a non jw, I have a ton of leeway to say or ask whatever I want. I have to make sure I'm not too far off.


  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Does Warwick even have a printing press here? or is this just an elite retirement home with a museum for JW travel agents to book flights and tours to? (sarcasm intended)
  • brandnew
    Gb are only worried about building their "delux appartment in the skyyyyy".......movin on uppppp!!!!!!

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