Sexual Abuse & Jehovah's Witnesses - One Man's Story - Special Podcast Coming Soon

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    @ Still Totally ADD - Lol. Sounds like keeping up with the latest tech isn't your thing. Oh well. You find a way.

    I announce every podcast on here when it comes out. You can go to the site and listen on your speakers while doing things around the house or whatever floats your boat.

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    And the new episode is out now. Part 1 of David's story.

    When I started talking to David it was clear that this was going to be a special interview. He had so much to talk about and such a vulnerability about him and he was willing to go deep on anything we talked about very quickly. So this is the first in a three part series that includes two episodes to cover his story and a third bonus episode featuring some of the pre-interview process and what came up there. Unlike the first 5 episodes, this one is produced as a conversation between him and I.

    David’s story does involve sexual abuse and he gets very real with it. With that said, David’s story is sooooo much more than that. It was a huge part of his awakening process, and as it is a huge topic right now among the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses it is featured, but it was but one part of David’s story. It plays a pivotal role in his path out of the cult, but even then his story just builds and builds throughout these episodes.

    In Episode 6 – Part 1, you will get to know David a bit. This episode builds and will take you through David’s upbringing and right up into the beginnings of adulthood. You will learn a lot about him and if you aren’t familiar with the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses you will learn about it as well through this process. There is no mention of the abuse in this first part, so no trigger warning is necessary. That will come in Part 2 and the way these things are handled in the cult will be discussed there.

    Here is the summary on my website, including resources mentioned in the episodes:

    You can listen right there, streaming from the site, or you can download and listen on your favorite podcast app.

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    Thanks Dub-Stepped!

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