Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Society Houses Hidden Sexual Abuse Records, Says Journalist

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  • TheWonderofYou

    In fact there can be any doubt that such a database exists, at least it was even confirmed by speakers of the Wt in legal cases and to the press as well.

    Whereas for the "world" such database looks like a "hidden database of criminals" is seen by the watchtower as a "supervising & care" tool for the security of the congregation in the office of spiritulal succor, a tool that is to be used internal and seen as advanced. The data of all members, the victims as well, are treated with a certain privacy if not reported publicly. If that is really a good way is questionable. It can lead to a cult-intelligence apartment controlling over the members or being responsible. If an abuser is reported to the Jw-database and it changes the congregation the other congregation would be informed about the abusers change. The public and the single members are not informed only the elders

    What regards to the content of the database, we have seen here in the forum copies of the forms that are sent to the legal desk with the detailled notes for each of such cases.

  • evilApostate
    I tell you this much. The day that the pedophile database is actually released, I will party like it's 1999.

    Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually delete all data before they are forced to release it.

  • BluesBrother

    I remember, back in the late 90's if my recollection is correct, we received the first BOE letter on handling cases of child abuse. It was important and we had to read it as a body together and understand it.. At least, it was the first direction on the subject in my experience. I was the Secretary at the time.

    At that time we were asked to send to the Branch Office notification of any individuals who had been found guilty of the "sin" at a J/Committee. Whether it included mere allegations, I do not remember.

    We had none to report, thank goodness.

  • stillin

    Feeding frenzy. Sure, there are plenty of guilty ones whose crimes should be brought to light. But there are also over-zealous elders who just want to bring something to the party and look important and compliant, when, in fact, there was no crime or scarcely a breach of etiquette. I'm glad for those who have been wrongly accused yet who are likely in that "database" of names. Presumption of guilt is an ugly thing.

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