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  • truthlover123

    Inactive1 - so sorry for your situation.. Please keep in touch on this site, you will find good but hurt folks who have done their "time" with the truth and found happiness when they had their eyes opened and left the "loving" organization. My son suffers from similar results, stress, IBS, chronic fatigue and everything that goes with it and blames it on the disturbing memories of the org. As you, no one was/is interested.. they can knock on doors of strangers but neglect their closest relatives and brothers and sisters in the truth they grew up with.

    You will have an outlet here- a lot of wisdom has passed in this site, a lot of questions mulled over and discussed. Keep a smile as hard as it is... reach out to all avenues the government supplies to take care of yourself.

  • Tenacious


    Please seek medical attention for your depression. Thousands upon thousands of people leave the org and suffer for years afterwards. Please seek medical attention so your mind can start to recover and normalize. You have been subject to insidious indoctrination methods. Your view of the world after leaving will not be the same and can even drive you crazy or to suicide. Please seek help, I beg of you.

    The reason why there's so little love inside the org is due to the demonic influence. And when you do happen to come across friends who are truly loving and caring and sincere, it's because they are doing this on their own strength. No Holy Spirit or anything. Which is why as you said:

    By the time I was finished, it was like a ten-ton boulder had been lifted off of my shoulders.

    All through your time as a witness you were attempting to live like a true Christian but it was on your own strength. No help once or ever. Because that's exactly what I felt when I stopped attending. The weight of the world was off my shoulders! God bless.

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