Do some Jehovah witnesses engage in psychological terrorism

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  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Poopie asked if Jehovah's Witnesses use psychological terrorism. Of course it's not the same as physical terrorism. It's creating a state of terror within in the mind without actually using bombs. But is it any less terrifying because it's happening invisibly? I say they're achieving the same results, manipulating through fear, just using another technique. It's even more sinister in some respects because they're doing it while not drawing attention to themselves. No bad press.
  • Finkelstein

    Since the word terrorism relates to fear one could measure how the WTS implements fear and utilizes it to control people's minds to the organization's ending means, operation and continuance.

    A brief analysis of how the WTS provokes fear such as Christ has returned and is now looking upon people to see who he is going to destroy(goats) and who he is going save(sheep) to live on in a earthly paradise.

    Place that propagation with the constant drumming that this day of judgement is coming soon and you will most likely be able to cultivate adherence out that imposing fear and to facilitate into controlling these people's thinking and behavior.

    It bares well to keep in mind that the Watchtower Corporation is a religious publishing house and has created specific doctrines to enhance the proliferation of its own publications.

    What one can see now is those doctrines are becoming invalidated by virtue of the time associated to them and the WTS leaders are now trying to keep those doctrines appealingly valid .

  • Joliette
    Very much so.
  • ttdtt
    Do some? It seems by definition - they all do.
    If they didn't it wouldn't be a cult.

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