Bunker Video: Why No Concluding Scene?

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  • OrphanCrow

    I had the opportunity to reconstruct the ending of the bunker video for two JW men who wanted to talk to me yesterday.

    I told them that the video they had watched last weekend at their assembly about the GT was a lie made up by the corporation in New York that they represented. And that the truth of the matter is that the JW elders are going to be arrested for breaking the law concerning not reporting child abuse. I asked them if they knew about a San Diego California court levying a $4000 a day fine against the WTS and that each and every day (as we were standing there talking, in fact!) it was going up until the WT turned over the documents that the court is requesting - and why, why would the WTS not turn over the documents unless they were trying to hide something?

    Heh...the one fellow said to me, with a sick smirk, "My, my...you sure have a LOT of information, don't you?"

    I replied, "Yes, I sure do. I can get my information from wherever I want to - I don't have to listen a bunch of men in New York telling what I can and cannot read. I have freedom of the mind, do you? Will you look up California and the WTS when you get home?"

    I also told them that it wasn't any of their business what my name was - they hadn't told me their names and besides...why did they want my name? To tell New York? To mark me? To keep records on me? To be able to report that they had a 'shepherding call'? My only regret is that I didn't think fast enough. I should have told them that I am a transsexual and my name is Kevin....

  • betterdaze

    The concluding scene?

    Kevin “associating” with worldly wicked people in “the Northern Estates” where the Witnesses changed their message to one of judgement.

    Party on, Kevin!

  • SAHS

    This new “bunker video” is just one more tactic in the WT organization’s arsenal for the sole purpose of promoting the one thing which has served them well all along: FEAR!

    They used to portray imagery of Armageddon in the artwork in books, most notably the big orange book from the 1950s called From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, depicting all the non-JWs, including little children and even their pets, falling into large crevices opening up in the ground. (The images of those truly evil and manipulative drawings have been indelibly imprinted onto a lot of young, impressionable minds for life!)

    But now, it would seem that people are less scared of the idea of God acting in that way, as people probably don’t identify with it as much in this secular, technological world. So, instead of focusing on some miraculous, supernatural worldwide destruction, they’re instead now trying to instil a kind of fearful scenario which is more plausible and hits home more effectively by playing on people’s fears of a rogue government and anarchistic social disorder.

    That kind of fear is more effective because instead of involving an abstract and enigmatic deity, such as an angry and vengeful Jehovah, the fear relates to elements of actual real life which we know exist and we can see – that is, people comprising things like governments, the police and the military (or a militia), etc. Such elements and factions of human society do indeed at least exist. They are tangible. And thus a manufactured fear of those things going terribly wrong is more identifiable and effective.

    A horror movie involving an ordinary house in an ordinary neighbourhood seems more frightening than a movie about a clearly fictitious and fanciful setting, such as an alien planet in some other galaxy. The sort of “horror film” which is the current convention “bunker video” relates to a theme that is familiar and identifiable – which is the perfect new venue for the new round of manipulative fear mongering for which the WT organization is so famous.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    What happened next?

    The officer says "Are you JWs? We had a message from Kevin, he was worried about you. Thank God you are OK!"

  • RobertT18

    Can someone post a link to this video?

  • Wild_Thing

    Here it is in all it's glory! All hail Kevin who stayed out of the basement!


  • jwfacts

    It's like Game of Thrones. They have left it hanging so you can't wait to come back next year for the sequel.

  • Vidiot

    How about a raunchy hardcore group scene with the bunker buddies and the SWAT team? :smirk:

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