Oh wow...now I have seen everything! "Junior Pioneer"??

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    H'mm nothing culty about this at all is there....

  • Funchback
  • rebel8

    In the past, I have posted on websites like that regarding the Society's request to not make things like that and how obedience is required. (I find focusing on adherence to their rules is a great way to highlight how the religion creates an intolerable lifestyle, especially when followed fully.)

    Also, it would be beneficial to current jws to have this material removed.

    I just went there to do that and noticed these are free--still not ok per wts rules, but may not end up getting a DMCA takedown notice.

  • steve2

    Only 30 hours a month?! C'mon.

    Hell, back in the day, we kids did that in a week, peddling magazines to everyone with ears and a few coins.

    I placed Awake! magazines with my puppy - they ended up dog-eared -but hey! Placements count. I had a magazine route with real people taking magazines twice a month. Up at dawn, on my bike riding round the rural territory - no coffee breaks. Just hard slog. We were made of stern stuff. 1975 spurred us on. Everyone not in the ark of salvation would be dog-tucker.

    Of course, by my early twenties, the dog was dead, the bike was stolen, all the magazines I laid my eyes on were worse than dog-eared and I was plain tuckered out. It still took me years to recover from my engrained spiritual righteousness - it was like second nature - and still is.

  • tepidpoultry

    Re: Funchback,

    This was you and I way back when,

    They think that they're making "their own" choices but are they?

    Their brain (cerebral cortex) hasn't developed yet!

    My son (as encouraged) was reading "Bible Stories" to my granddaughter while in the womb,


  • scratchme1010

    I don't get tired of talking about how much those folks at the WT don't give a rat's ass about children. I rest my case.

  • tepidpoultry

    Well, I agree, they don't care about children, and reading about long term older Bethelites kicked to the curb I have to ask, who do they care about?


  • Half banana
    Half banana


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