What do you think the Australian Government will do?

by Richard Oliver 47 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Landy

    RO has proven himself adept at asking then ignoring answers and at the same time taking another opportunity to articulate his own pro-JW organization views on its response to allegations of child sexual abuse.

    He's also adept at providing a more objective version of what is happening in ongoing court cases. I have no idea whether he's pro JW or anti JW, and I don't really care. His posts on the court processes and giving the realistic outcomes are sometimes worth reading and if he's bullied of this site by imbelices that would be a shame.

    But, not to worry, if he goes, we've always got Outlaw and his stupid pictures to keep us informed.

  • Landy

    If NOTHING happens becouse of the ARC at least some eyes have been opened to how the WTS deals with these matters.Karter.

    Personally, I think that is the key. The ARC is toothless. Nothing will happen.

    I'm also not sure who much effect it will have on public opinion. I've never seen it on the news. I was brought up as a JW and I'd never heard of it until I came here a year or so ago.

    If I went out in the street and asked a 100 people what they thought of the ARC investigation into JWs and other organisations handing of child abuse cases I know for a fact I would get 100 blank stares.

    It's big news in the bubble that is this place because we all want it to be big news. The reality is that it isn't big news, not at all.

  • tor1500

    Hi Landy,

    Exactly, only place I see stuff about the JW's is on XJW sites...

    I live in the USA, we advertise any and everything...knives that cut through shoes...(bet you don't have one...LOL). Their on the channel, no they are on this channel, it's coming on this time, no, it's central time, they cancelled it...& so on.... It's not big news in Australia, other wise the witnesses would be leaving in droves and warning us other JW's...most likely folks don't even know there in their own home town...JW's are only a big deal to JW's and xJW's...oh and people who are associated with them and or know them....or others who are just misfits of society, those are the curious ones...that's basically who JW's attract to...a little unstable...a little depressed, a little this or that. Some are functional unstable folks just barely making it...then there are the full fledge ones...that's another thread...

    The best that may come out of this is some eyes will be opened..and some prides will be swallowed....but it'll go down just like the Catholics...

    If there is a God, he'll take the org. down bit by bit just like the Catholics...again, if there is a God, he'll make them eat crow....not non of these sites or anything else...if we really pay attention....we can see it a happening...maybe not the way we want it to...because there are some really innocent folks in the JW's...they have to be let down easy....maybe I'm hoping but I see little bits and pieces of info. being leaked and the friends do know..I speak with them, some even say, oh, that's why the org. is begging for money...not everybody is drinking the koolaide but stay for whatever their reasons maybe...don't sleep on the friends...they just can't YOU...what they know because they saw what happened to YOU....

    I think some would like to see the org. change some of their policies... and would most likely return...for the most part...they should just teach the gospel...and stay out of folks business...run the org...but don't try to run folk's lives...Leave us accountable to our own choices...gives us what you think God's guidelines may be...then let us make our own decision without penalty....BASICALLY...STOP CONTROLLING...AND DELIVER THE MESSAGE...AND STOP PREDICTING...

    We all watch Law and Order...it only takes a hour for them to get their man...next thing is the trial, then, sentencing...I'm not saying the ARC should only take a hour...but this is a clear cut case...It won't take a hour to find the perp...he or her is in the congregation....what's the stalling about....because pedophile isn't looked as, as it needs to be addressed...we have a president that is married to a women half his age...when you go on sites for dating they say they are at least 18....and their are folks out there that will bite...The mind set of the world still regarding child abuse...IT WAS THE VICTIMS FAULT...she or he was so attractive ....all the while this is a sick person....Here is another approach...why not call the place for mental illness...call somebody but don't sweep it under the rug...

    I think more folks will be aware and not so smug....but with all they have....it's open and closed....but I smell a rat..


  • John_Mann

    They will trigger the Great Tribulation...

    I think they will do nothing.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I don't know what they will do. I only hope that the WT loses its charity status and the lawsuits start raining from everywhere so the Watchtower loses every penny that they have. One can only dream.

  • EdenOne

    I don't think they will "do" anything to the Watchtower ... I believe that on the last minute the WT lawyers will find a way to weasel around the right thing to do by the victims and whatever changes made (which will be a positive outcome, in any case) will be presented as originating from the holy spirit. And that's the alternative version of the truth that the vast majority of the flock will chose to believe in. But ... great damage has been made, in between. As jwfacts put it:

    by uncovering the illegal manner in which Watchtower operates when not disclosing known cases of abuse, this will provide a basis for individuals to sue for compensation.

    Don't forget that the documents produced by the ARC will be official documents and their findings will be set in stone for future use. The WT may well brace itself for a swarm of legal trouble, not from the authorities, but from individual people sueing them. Although I sometimes think that the WTS is so full os themselves that they may do something incredibly stupid and defiant of the law and of the authorities. I don't see that happening, though.

    Nonetheless, It would be a most welcome outcome if they lose their charity status. "Charity" my ass! They operate like a for profit corporation that exploits members by selling false fantasies while profiting from real estate deals made under the guise of religion. Losing the charity status would put a serious dent on their business model.

  • blondie

    My question that came to mind immediately what can they do legally, can some other agency take their information and pursue in a stronger legal fashion?

  • steve2

    My question that came to mind immediately what can they do legally, can some other agency take their information and pursue in a stronger legal fashion?

    There has been some discussion on the "powers" of the ARC. No claim has ever been made that it has the power to "convict" as the usual Court has.

    That said, its reports are tabled in parliament and findings can go to select appointed committees where decisions can be made to "return" them to parliament for policy development and/or legislation. That is one of the ways in which child protection policies were developed in the first place and "passed" into law by parliament.

    For example, the issue of compensation for wronged parties can become part of a legislative process, if it is not already - and judging from O'Brien and Spinks' cautiously worded answers (e.g., "We are currently in contact with six parties regarding compensation...") these men know that not only does it look "bad" if JW organization repudiates the need for involvement in compensation but they could face legal compulsion to engage in the process.

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