What do you think the Australian Government will do?

by Richard Oliver 47 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • notsurewheretogo
    Hi Richard,
    I don't think the government will do anything because they are Satan's agent as he wages war with propaganda against Jehovah and his servants.
    Jehovah and his earthly organisation will prevail because the truth is that the WT abhors child abuse and does everything in its power to stop it yet Satan is using this as a smear campaign against the witnesses.
    The government will do nothing because Jehovah will be vindicated in the way He runs his earthly organisation.

    Is that what you wan to hear? Now bog off you WT apologetic...


    Astute members will note that both Richard Oliver and Fisherman never attempted to dispute my comments about the legalistic cancer that permeates the WTBTS.

    Their response to the fact that legalism on the part of religions requires legal minutiae, which would not be needed if legalism was rooted out, was very telling...




    Time to kick these 2 A - holes off this site !!

  • Chook

    As an Australian and like a lot of other countries, freedom of religion laws which are at the foundation of constitutional law allow for the different interpretation of scripture. So governments are very ineffective at implementing change that has anything to do with religion. Our dearest GB members have zero respect for the ARC by refusing a public apology to the victims and declining a cross examination on the findings. I don't think Geoffrey Jackson will visit his family in the near future while there is an inquiry in progress. These commissions in Australia cannot have a no comment response or plead the 5th . Anyone refuse to answer is held in contempt

  • Landy
    Sooner who later, when posters innocently reply to Richard Oliver's OP, he will re-enter the fray and start pin-pricking posters' replies so that he can - once again - impose his strongly pro-JW organization views. He will sprinkle a bit of "legalese" here and there and use an "I'm only asking" mantra.
    Then Fisherman will join in and posters will realize the "information-seeking" OP is just another way for these two men to further their well-exposed pro-JW organization views.

    So what if someone does have pro-JW views? Is it your job to censor them?

    My mother has pro-JW views. It's a good job I don't treat her IRL the way anyone with even remotely pro-JW views gets treated on here.

  • Ruby456

    richard oliver and fisherman keep us on our toes and bring us down to earth, sharpening our skills in the process. we don't want to live in a bubble - it is better to face reality and sort out our own thinking.

    the most value of the arc is the questions they put to Jehovahs witnesses re safeguarding - the two witness rule and the absence of women from the decision making process, and bringing victim and perp into confrontation.

    any JWs watching will get an eye opener and perhaps think about these things particlurly when most other institutions no longer hold to those sorts of things.

    I don't think the Australian gov can do much else against the JWS.

    the general scrutiny re child abuse is going to make all organisations more careful and vigilant - and this is a good thing

  • Landy
    ....and bringing victim and perp into confrontation.

    Does that still happen? Please tell me it doesn't. :(

  • Landy

    The government can do very little in reality.

    As Ruby says, the biggest point of pressure will be public opinion. It's something the WTS need to sort from the inside out, and the more their poor safeguarding policies become known, the more pressure they will have on them to change them. Which in all honesty, I think they are doing, albeit very slowly.

  • Landy
    Ignore Richard Oliver. He and Fisherman are just here to bait you. Thanks.

    Bait you into what? Accepting a dose of realism?

  • tor1500


    I don't know the law, that well, just mostly my rights....All anyone can hope for is that it will force the org. to call the authorities....maybe it may wake up some JW's that is they should put their child before the org. Never think twice call the police...may also show the friends the org. was wrong in not reporting...

    Again, don't know the law...but even if nothing comes of it... & I hope something does come out of it...that the org. is exposed, just like the Catholics...I would just like to see the arrogance kicked out of JW's that think their org. don't stink...

    The org. doesn't have to be brought down, but it needs to be humbled...


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