Article: As religious group cashes in, former councilman lashes out

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  • ducatijoe


    The WBTS did and has received high zoning on all of their properties throughout the USA. They have also reached out to 1000s like me to fly out and work on these properties for free. Taking time and money away from our businesses and families. Now they are selling these improved properties for profit.

    Plowing a street or picking up trash is nothing in the scheme of things.

  • SAHS

    The WTS would say that they are just ‘making friends of unrighteousness riches.’ (Luke 16:9)

    “A windfall for the Jehovah's Witnesses, but not the amenities they promised.” “The group’s failure to fund upgrades to a nearby park and the York Street F-train station, as promised in the deal.”

    Well, I guess they forgot about letting your ‘yes mean yes and your no mean no.’ (Matt. 5:37)

    So, the one-and-only representative and mouthpiece of the Almighty God is not true to its word. Hmm. I wonder if they might not actually be who they claim to be. Hmmmm.

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