Jehovah has Evil Spirit ?

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  • EverApostate

    Last weekend I was watching Darkmatter2525 on youtube and came across this new thing in the Bible. Jehovah has evil spirit!! Was just wondering how I didn’t come across this absurdity when I was a JW for 11 years. Also, I have never heard an explanation on this from the Kingdom Hall Platform, or have I missed.

    Jah is supposed to be the holy of holies and an epitome of perfection. How can he have evil spirit? This sounds Absurd and ridiculous to me. (Along with all the absurdities in the Bible). Another credible proof that the Bible was written by senseless and ignorant people. Have any of you heard an explanation for this during your life as a JW? Of course if we ask a JW about it, I bet that they would spin it such as “Its actually not an Evil spirit but Jahs Anger”

    1 Samuel 16: 14 -23

    Now the spirit of Jehovah had departed from Saul, and a bad spirit from Jehovah terrorized him

    1 Samuel 18: 10

    The next day a bad spirit from God gripped Saul, and he started to act strangely inside the house, while David was playing music on the harp

    1 Samuel 19:9

    And a bad spirit from Jehovah came upon Saul when he was sitting in his house with his spear in his hand, while David was playing music on the harp

  • snowbird

    The WT explanation is that since Jah ALLOWS the bad spirit to operate, it's as though the spirit proceeds from Him.

    However, 1 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 18 show an angel volunteering to become a lying spirit in the mouths of Ahab's prophets.

    Plenty food for thought here.

  • EverApostate

    Thanks SnowBird. Ha! I knew that WT would have some twisted definition like this.

    BTW, I will read your quoted verses. Its more fun and amusing to read the Bible now, than when i was a christian (And JW)

  • snowbird

    I consider myself Christian, but realize we don't know the half when it comes to the Bible.

  • waton

    "The Name" is supposed to mean he can become to be whatever he wants to become, and it seems to be becoming that he commissions out the dirty works to underlings, the whole satarn the debble thing seems to just deceiver even putting on a [bible ] drama to convince, who copied that?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    According to the Bible, we are created in God's image. So, he has ALL our traits, yes, evil too.


  • David_Jay


    You are experiencing what I often call "The Marie Antoinette Effect."

    As the legend goes, the last queen of France before the French Revolution was so far removed from the poverty and suffering of her subjects that when mothers begged the queen for help, saying: "Our children our dying from starvation. They have no bread to eat." Marie Antoinette replied: "Let them eat cake." In other words, the queen had never experienced a life where the term "bread" meant basic food. If there was no bread, why not just use came instead? the queen reasoned. Cake is like bread and could be used as a substitute, she thought. She couldn't relate to the actual meaning of the words "they have no bread to eat." She always had food available, and thus she misunderstood the real plight of her people.

    When individuals leave cults like the Mormons and the JWs, some can tend to see all religion and the Sacred Scriptures based on their limited exposure to life in those cult religion. Like Marie Antoinette, the only way to see passages in the Bible are often read by such ex-members in the manner once taught in these cults even years after leaving their respective groups.

    Now I am not recommending that you rejoin a religion. You are probably just fine as you are. However, the texts you mentioned have never been viewed the way the Jehovah's Witnesses teach by the Jews who wrote them. Most mainstream religions like Catholicism and Protstants like Lutherans, Methodists, and the like also hold to the Jewish view. It is quite different.

    In Judaism there is no such thing as "Satan the Devil." There is no "Original Sin." Death is not a punishment. "God" is the central Origin and Cause of all in the universe. In ancient language among the Jews, God caused both good and evil, just as God created the Day as well as the Night. When something bad happened to someone, the "Universe" or God was the "cause" of the effect being mentioned.

    The "bad" or "evil spirit" mentioned in these texts is a euphemism for a mental disorder. What is now called "clinical depression" or uni-polar disorder was referred to this way for generations among the Hebrews, even outside of the Bible. In very ancient Jewish theology all effects were blamed on the one central cause, namely God.

    The idea that the God of Abraham cannot be blamed for "evil" is a Christian concept. Because God can "only produce good" in Christianity theology, and since Christians claim that evil "can only originate with Satan," you hear excuses that God was merely "allowing" evil to occur in such instances. The theological paradigm of most cult Christianity rejects the possibility of both good and bad coming from their particular concept of a "benevolent" God.

    But the problem is not with the culture that produced the texts. The problem comes from a foreign culture that reinterpreted the texts along different lines. Being exposed only to these types of explanations has left you with the Marie Antoinette Effect, misunderstanding the terms of a people who have a different experience of life and a different meaning to the words they used to describe it.

    While I still don't recommend that you suddenly change your current convictions because of this, I do hope it helps you to understand that the misunderstanding your are having is another reason the cult of the Watchtower needs to be avoided by all who find themselves attracted to it. It can give people only a very limited view on things that can stay with them even after they leave it behind.

  • David_Jay

    Since at present there is no way to correct the auto-correct feature left by my iPad on posts, the sentence in my last post:

    "If there was no bread, why not just use came instead?"

    ...should read: "...why not just use CAKE instead?"

    I have been fighting my iPad for 3 years now, and it keeps wanting to use the word "came" for "cake" (which can create very vulgar sentences when it sometimes insists on using the word "come" for "cake" too). Apparently the people at Apple know nothing of "CAKE." It almost always changes that word.

  • snowbird

    My tablet does that, too.

    I have to proofread very thoroughly, lest some completely bizarre sentences are let loose.

  • EverApostate

    Thanks for your time in drafting that lengthy email. I think i am not under the influence of Marie Antoinette Effect. But rather, scrutinizing all religions, especially Christianity, with an open mind and just reading the Bible as it is, for what ts says. With this approach, I find the Bible to contain too many discrepancies, contradictions, silliness, evilness and ignorance, to consider it to be the word of god. Also, your statement as quoted, implies to me that you are trying hard to retrofit those verses to defend god and project it in a favorable light.

    The "bad" or "evil spirit" mentioned in these texts is a euphemism for a mental disorder.

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