— I Got My Results! Very Surprised

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  • pale.emperor

    Im tempted to do mine. I traced my tree back to the 1680s but that took about 15 years! It's nice to get messages from people i'm distantly related to who's tree's overlap.

  • oppostate


    I wonder about the Neanderthal and denisovan percentages

  • LongHairGal


    I agree these ancestry dna tests are not perfect but they are getting better as more populations are added to their data base. I think they are roughly accurate and give a ballpark range as to what a person is.

    Some people are angry because they didn’t get what they thought they should get. Their results conflict with family stories. Sometimes people aren’t told the truth about family history and are sometimes told fables. Sometimes racial and ethnic mixes aren’t mentioned because that wasn’t the thing ‘to be’🙄. Also, for those descended from European immigrants who can know whose great great grandfather crossed a border? There may not necessarily be written records existing before a certain point for those eager to travel and research and a name in a log wouldn’t tell you somebody’s dna.

    Some Latin Americans get results that are all over the place because they are descended from several races.

    Some European descended people are also disappointed because their results cannot pinpoint which particular country in Europe. They get a result that says “Broadly Western European” or “Broadly Southern European”. The reason being that some population groups are so genetically similar that they cannot (yet) narrow it down further.

    Also, it is ideal for all siblings to be tested because one may have inherited a genetic marker another one did not get. There could be a family story about Native American ancestry but maybe only one person inherited the markers.

    The tests only tell you what you DID get. They don’t tell you what you did not inherit ...Everybody’s tests taken as a whole will give a better general idea as to what everybody is.

    It’s very fascinating.

  • Bad_Wolf

    My favorite foods match my decent as well. I didn't do dna test yet but based on family. My theory is thousands of years our bodies adapted to the food of our cultures so they crave those the most.

  • minimus

    So get this couple of days ago, I received a notification from stating that all the information they sent me was revised. And the Italian connection as well as other areas were not correct. Now all of my heritage is from France! I wonder how accurate this site really is now.

  • blondie

    I'm tempted to do this and see if my family's accounts are true.

  • minimus

    I would love to know, blonde! It makes no sense that I went from 54 detailed areas with percentages to one area and one area only

  • Vidiot

    I'd probably discover that my ancestors immigrated from Alpha Centauri, or something.

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