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  • waton

    If one does not witness, he is not one of Jehovah’s witnesses. B

    strictly speaking, a witness does not have to be a blabberer, just an observer.

  • FedUpJW

    @FedUpJW, what was the purpose of the American Indian drinking the wine? Did he not know that he is not supposed to drink the wine? I am curious to know why he drank the wine.

    I sat directly behind him. He staggered in off the street at the last minute request of a "slightly" mentally off brother. The poor fellow could barely stand up or walk a straight line, and he reeked of alcohol. He was pretty well passed out for most of the ritual...until the wine glass came by. That perked him up, and of course what else would he do?

    I did kind of feel sorry for him, but it was funny nonetheless.

  • lastmanstanding

    Was there any partakers after injun man? I mean, would a holierthanmost want to share the chalice with the likes of that dude?

    Blood brothers....

  • LV101

    The American Indian chuggin' the wine -- hilarious!

  • cookiemaster

    In my congo the attendance doubles every memorial. There are lots and lots of submarine witnesses in this area. Lots of young people too. The thing is, they never attend after memorial. So, it's only a once a year affair. There's people I've only seen once a year for decades almost. Also a cute girl I've been meaning to date. Too bad she doesn't attend more often.

    Anyway, all the preaching and invitation work before the memorial is pretty pointless from what I can see. Doesn't really boost the numbers in the long term. Just once a year.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    'Submarine Jehovah's Witnesses'...what an outstanding way to categorize and pigeonhole the huge numbers of JWs who are inactive, df'd, low meeting attendees or who otherwise could careless about this cult...'Submarine Jehovah's Witnesses'...priceless!

    At our memorial on Friday there were 225 in attendance. When things got back to normal on Sunday at the Public Talk & Watchtower the number bottomed out at 81. The 'special speaker' from Bethel thought he & his wife would stay the weekend to deliver the Sunday talk to another large crowd. They were in for a rude awakening with such a low attendance. The low attendance didn't help the elder body moral any either.

    By doing the looks like our congregation alone has nearly 150 Sub-JWs!

    Me thinks the term 'Submarine Jehovah's Witnesses' is quite fitting!👍

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    blondie3 days ago

    stan, obviously the WTS no longer uses those words/phrases. But they once did. We can learn from WTS history.

    no--i wasnt taking a pop at you---rather commending your knowlege.

  • blondie

    stan, I just go on WOL and put in key words, and it pops up with a little tweaking by me. Or I go to

  • joe134cd

    Yeah that reminds me of this alcoholic who used to walk in off the streets into the Kingdom Hall totally Pi•^ed. I think it was just more of a warm and comfortable place to sit before he went home. Where ever that was. I found out latter that he died - the guy couldn’t of been any older than late 50s. Luckily he never found out when the memorial was on or what was on offer. Lol. But then again he probably would of required a whole bottle with what his tolerance levels would of been like.

  • keinlezard


    Here in France, almost 300 jw of 2 assemblies .

    but wait a minute ...

    we have a "restructuration" 2 or 3 assemblies vanished KH probably will be sold one day ( there is a mini assembly in it )

    In fact , at the memorial , there were "free" seat.

    And in KH ... since there is many many JW , theer are no seat for "Truth Friends".

    Here,too more you have jw in KH , less you have free places for no-jw

    It was predictable, no ?

    The question is are jw conscious of that fact ?

    When you are restructuring your assemblies and put more JW by assemblies , you have less free place for newcomers.

    They repeat again this years that there are 8 millions of JW and 20 millions at memorial but I can't see how they push the walls in KH to find place :) when during the week assembly , jw are already "cramped "in the assemblies :)

    Best regards

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