JW's & Freemasons - Anyone heard this one?

by The Fall Guy 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blisterfeet

    This makes sense. “Pagan” has always been a hot word with jw and they regect it. So the fact that their roots are “pagan” would be counterintuitive. I questioned my father in law about the Freemasons gently and he seemed somewhat ashamed/embarrassed that he didn’t follow his fathers footsteps.. even my husband stated one day “when he grows up” he might pursue it. I don’t care either way. Is it a religious affiliation or a trade affiliation?

  • Finkelstein

    Freemason from its beginning roots inherently accept the god of the bible their god of worship whether they accept the name of that god as Jehovah is not really relevant to the order, this god is still seen as the grand creator , Architect of the Universe.

    One should keep in mind that Russell and other Protestant based religious organizations of his era used the King James bible which uses Jehovah in place of Lord in most of the old testament.

  • rebelfighter

    Members believe in a Supreme Being. Freemasonry is NOT a religious organization.


    They are a major charity organization. They have many branch organizations that have their own philanthropic projects. The one most of you would recognize are The Shriners. All Shriners must be a Mason before becoming a Shriner. The Shriners if you are not aware have 20+ hospitals for Children. Any child who goes to a Shriners hospital will never receive a bill. All Masonic groups LOVES CHILDREN!!

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