Interesting Thing My Little Girl Said Today

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I'm glad you have her that much, I have a similar arrangement and mine is going on 6 now.

    Be careful, make sure you give plenty of alternatives but most of all enjoy yourself. Kids need their fathers for such guidance most of all. There will be periods of confusion and where she will hear the wrong things, be there, non judgmental for her and demonstrate the difference.

    I'm glad you can prevent some of the exposure, in my situation, she is with me an entire weekend and she absolutely loves that she doesn't have to go to meetings or conventions when she's with me.

  • pbrow

    Hey pale... sounds like even though you are still going thru it.... you are getting through to your girl. That is good to hear.

    You have her majority of time?? that is awesome! Peer pressure only works with the dubs if they have monopoly on the kids time and friends. While a clean break with this group is best, it is not always an option as in your case. Keep up the good work of talking to and exposing her to worldly kids and activities. I like tiki's take on it. Go about your life and when jdub stuff comes up, pick your daughter's brain as to what you think and then offer up your life experiences. That is a pattern I have followed with my 13 and 15 year old kids and it has worked excellent!


  • Vidiot

    You know what the Jesuits say: "...give us a boy till he's seven, and we'll have him for the rest of his life..." (paraphrasing, but that's the gist).

    That very quote was a significant factor in my fade... I realized that if we exited while our kids were still toddlers, we'd have a much easier time of it.

  • pale.emperor


    Pretty unorthodox arrangement that you have your 3 year old daughter the majority of the time. Children that young need their mum's mostly.

    What she needs is stability and love. Her mum does love her, but the Watchtower comes first. And her OCD. The only thing i expect from my daughter is to share and be nice to people.

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