Interesting Thing My Little Girl Said Today

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  • pale.emperor

    My 3yo daughter lives with me 4 days and with her mum 3 days. I have her Tues, Wed, Fri evening and Saturday all day. Which means my ex takes her to Sunday and Thursday meetings BUT she doesn't go door knocking on Saturday because she's with me.

    I dont mind - at the moment - because in a way i want her to know the JW jargon so we can talk about it without having to explain what it is, and i want her to compare the bullshit to the real world. My ex is hit and miss with the meetings as it is. It's not uncommon for her to call me on Thursday or Sunday when she should be at the KH - she even gives me an excuse of why she didn't go (like she needs to explain herself? Remember those days?). Anyway... i was walking home from the bus stop with my little girl yesterday and we had this conversation. Keep in mind, she's 3yo:

    DAUGHTER: We're not going to the hall are we?

    ME: No. I dont go the hall.

    DAUGHTER: Later?

    ME: No. Later we're going to a...

    DAUGHTER: Cafe!!!!!! :-D

    ME: Yep. Hey, i used to go to the hall you know. Remember?

    DAUGHTER: No. (She was 2 when i stopped going). do you know _________ (her friend)

    ME: Yes. I know her mummy and daddy. When i was little i was in the same hall as her mummy. I used to knock on doors too. Have you done that?

    DAUGHTER: No! (laughs)

    ME: Do you want to?


    ME: Cummon, lets knock on this door (i pretend im going to walk up a random path and knock on their door)

    She laughs hysterically. I asked her what it's like in her hall as if i dont know. She described it as a room with books where she plays with her friend and the mums talk... she was describing the back room. So meeting attendance is just my ex sitting in the back room talking to other mums while the kids play? That's good news for me, it just means she's not there for the "spiritual food" and most likely doesn't even want to go. My kid just thinks it's a play room. I cant imagine any bible study at home going on seeing as when we were together my ex was studying the Bible Story book. Seriously. The Bible Story book!

  • Chook

    The problem lies when she turns a teenager she can't play on the floor in the back room , back rooms in the halls I went to beamed the shit through the speakers system into the back rooms couldn't even go to the toilet and it kept getting you , the propaganda has no limits. I hope Pale one day she can be free of an influence from the org , but I now your persuasive powers will win out. I'm glad your x is not a zealot for Warwick, so you just never know where seeds grow with any family members.

  • jambon1

    It's ok at 3 mate. Mine were the same. After years of it though and then my daughter computing that I was 'in the world' she had a complete meltdown aged 7. Telling me Jehovah is going to kill me and my family.

    Protect her. Time passes. Information gets retained and the result isn't at all pleasant.

    I wrote all about it in a three part story around 7 years ago on here. Have a look.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Don't lower the guard. My two children at three were sleeping through the meetings...well ... they tried, but mom wouldn't allow it. But at some point the message began to get in their heads. Fast forward to many years later and my daughter gets baptized when she is 16. I always hope that now, at 21, she is mentally out, but it may just be wishful thinking.

    My son is a different story. I pulled him out of the theocratic school, week meeting and preaching against his will when he was 11. I am quite confident he will never be a JW even though he has a soft spot for all the members.

  • dogon

    Its dangerous cult. Its like playing with The Peoples Temple. I have seen so many kids dump family including fathers and mothers and grandparents for the cult. There is a shit load of pier pressure.

  • ToesUp

    Eventually she will come to her own conclusions. If her Mom doesn't attend much, more than likely your daughter will be deemed "from a weak family." My kids were from a "weak family." Our kids saw right through it. This generation of kids has the internet and they are using it. Right now she is at the age where everything is fun and she is looking at things through a childs eyes. I told my kids (they are older) if they ever wanted to return to WT, I would request one thing from them...a research paper on WT. These teenagers are smart and can see through the BS. This generation doesn't like judgement or lots of micro managing rules. It's different than when we were kids.

    She sounds like a smart kid and I hated field circus when I was a kid. Hated it as an adult too. Let's be honest...everyone hates field circus. lol

    By the way...I am so glad we were from a weak family. It got us out!! Best thing that ever happened. Thank you WT for being a bunch of ass*oles. It made the decision so much easier!

  • fukitol

    Pretty unorthodox arrangement that you have your 3 year old daughter the majority of the time. Children that young need their mum's mostly.

  • waton
    But at some point the message began to get in their heads. Fast forward to many years later and my daughter gets baptized when she is 16. ... my son is a different story. najw:

    explanation? girls get to discuss real doctrinal stuff from the platform. wt boys only read the bible aloud for years. for some reason we stifles its males, pampers the females. a girls religion. Most "in" born in wt males are not mental giants, almost doctrinal illiterate.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Dogon, how right you are. Our kids have nothing to with us. My wife and I have not spoke to them in years. We even have a another grand child we have never seen. My wife and I trained them to well. This is a very dangerous cult. Still Totally ADD

  • tiki

    I'm glad you have her so many days...keep giving her normal kid life experiences...I personally wouldn't go into any of the religion things...I'd just treat it as just a meaningless thing that occurs with the mom. The more you try to communicate with her about it, the larger in her mind it becomes. If it is ignored, its importance in her little mind is diminished...

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