Why did you leave?

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    I would have to disagree with the poster here and say that the majority of people are getting disfellowshipped for sexual indiscretions rather than leaving for intellectual reasons. In the 40 years I was a JW it was rear to hear or someone getting DFed for apostasy ( I can probably count them on one hand). Because the reasons for those leaving for intellectual reason is so different in nature to those leaving because (I'm going to use JW speak here) they wanted to enjoy the pleasures of the world. I think most just prefer to fade away. Because there are no physical sins to be disfellowshipped for this makes fading so much easier and the preferred option. I also think those that leave for intellectual reasons are more deffinant in their decision, and are less likely to return. I would guess to say that those who know TTATT to going to the point of officially dissociating over it would be very low. I was thinking the other day as I went around to help my uber JW great aunt with some work around the house, how thankfully I am that I never said anything, and I ended up having a very enjoyable day.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Once I realised the whole thing is a gross confidence trick, Satan and God just being characters from a moralizing melodrama, no evidence for what what being taught and so many culty ways . . .there were no redeeming features left.

    I was sitting at the meetings watching the crude indoctrination process and hearing the expression "Jerhoover's theocratic arrangement" for the umteenth time-- made me inwardly sick--and I realised that these gb clowns behind the scenes had dibs on micro-managing my life for eternity.

    I think this was the final straw.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    I never said anything about being disfellowshipped

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