Why did you leave?

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i left because i was fed up pretending and living a fake existence. i didnt believe in god. devil. spirits, armageddon, the resurrection. in fact---nothing that depended on having faith in something that cant be proven.

    so i couldnt carry on being a jehovahs witness--because i hadnt witnessed him / her/ it.

    this was in 1971.

  • Finkelstein

    Answer = false doctrines (ie.1914) which were devised more for literature proliferation and circulation rather that true honest bible interpretation. ie. Corruption

  • HiddlesWife

    For many reasons, particularly the culture set up by the GB (shunning, blood ban, pedophilia/child abuse issue, hierachy/classist/cliqueish attitudes, etc.). This is definitely a corporation, not a religion!

  • cognisonance

    I left mainly because of the following cascade of events:

    1. Gave the public talk many times: "The origin of humans, does it matter what you believe?"
    2. Read not only the referenced sources in that outline (creation, creator, and also supplemented with the newer brochures), but also did a little random reading about evolution online because I found the cited sources to be quite simplistic.
    3. Realized the scientific stuff was much too complicated for me to digest at the time
    4. Wanted to go back to college to finish my undergrad (stopped at a 2-year degree) and so read what the JWs had written on the topic.
    5. Found out they misquoted a 1990? The Daily Beast article on education that compared those who get a college degree from a state school verses private and claimed that college students who went to a private university on average did not do any better in the job market than those that did not. The JWs twisted this to simply say: Those who go to college do no better than those who do not [...go at all -- is the implication the JWs make]. As an aside: I just tried to find this quote and SHOCK! wol.jw.org does not return any results for "The Daily Beast." I know for fact these WT library white washing fuckers quoted that magazine. Now covered up. Fuck those bastards! They'd fit in well at Orwell's Ministry of Truth.
    6. Wanting to go back to college had been on my agenda for a long time, so finding out they lied to me about a reason why I shouldn't be going made me wonder what else they lied about. So back to looking into their plethera of quotes on evolution...
    7. Obtained copies of their evolution sources online or via the library
    8. Also found sources on their quotes about the flood
    9. Also looked into their quotes about other topics (such as the trinity magazine as I remember a Bible Study student objected once that they quoted out of context).
    10. Looked up sources whenever I could regarding their quotes
    11. If evolution is true, and a global flood never happened, and Adam and Eve weren't real then the whole JW house of cards collapses.
    12. Read Why Evolution is True By Jerry Coyne
    13. GAME OVER
  • Chook

    It was for me finding out about the brothers in Malawi who died for a political card issue while at the same time head office was allowing the brothers to purchase a conscription card in Mexico which stated they had done their military duties. And the deaths from blood factions and organ transplants which was later changed to conscience matter.

    They have as much blood on their hands as any clergy who they condemn.

  • paradiseseeker

    I haven't left yet but I certainly will.

    The reason? Well... everything. The whole JW doctrine/theology/cosmology for me is as alive as a phantom of a zombie of an imaginary person: you have to limit yourself (i.e. not be 100% who you are) in order to be fit for an utopian Paradise, based on doctrines that are unreasonable and badly justified, which are defended by a bunch of people whose authority comes from a false date and false prophecy, which are based on a book of myths that claims to be written by an imaginary God.

    But if you ask for which doctrine made me doubt for the first time... I guess that mandatory preaching was the thing that has bothered me since I can remember. Of course at the beginning I couldn't think of an argument to debunk that doctrine, but it planted some "anger" seeds in me that little by little made me end up thinking "fuck off" and started feeling rebel about "shunning" policy, "worldly people" and everything that came next.

  • punkofnice
    Flint fredstone - Which doctrine above all others forced you to reconsider your position?

    It was many things over the years but the pimple of joboism popped with 'overlapping generations™' nonsense.

    I thought they've finally gone bonkers. Then I researched and found that they'd been bonkers a very long time.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I realized that I could not teach my children about my own personal beliefs. At various times, in the watchtowers, you will read that if you have persisting doubts, to wait on Jehovah as he will fix it in due time. This either means that you will eventually understand things as the watchtower does or that the watchtower will get new light that confirms your own belief.

    Problem with this is that you are expected to remain silent about your "doubts". Hence, you are not allowed to teach these to your own kids. Finaly, they use the expression: Your kids belong to Jehovah. Understanding that to them, Jehovah, Jehovah's Organization, Faithful slave and Governing Body are all synonymous, for the same point of authority, this means that I am expected to give over my children's education to 8 strangers in new york where most of them don't even have kids of their own.

    Not willing to hand over my kids so easily, I have left the organization.

  • Crazyguy

    The blood doctrine, finding out about all the changes with blood fractions and them going so far as allowing cows red blood cells coupled with already knowing about how they banned organ transplants for 13 years then changed their minds.

    Let’s not forget that this cows blood product is only available in certain places around the world, so some maybe able to get it and survived yet most won’t and will die.

    These freaks are guilty of murder plain and simple!!

  • FedUpJW

    The glaring hypocrisy of the way these two scriptures were ignored by the "oh-so-humble" jack-wads in the congregations.

    (John 15:12-14) . . . This is my commandment, that you love one another just as I have loved you. Absolutely no genuine, non-conditional love shown by anyone in the cult!

    (Matthew 7:3) . . . Why, then, do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the rafter in your own eye? Always willing to engage in malicious gossip, tearing other's down behind their back but putting on a pretense of "love" to your face. Digging up things one did decades earlier as the excuse to continue punishing you, because of alleged "stumbling".

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