Miss America and Misguided Views on Sexuality

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  • Simon

    So Miss America pageant is going to remove the swimsuit and evening gown parts of their pageant because they have decided it's demeaning to women. I guess it will just be women in overcoats telling us they want world peace ...

    Bravo, we all applaud, right? Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to do so ...

    What is it really saying? This was an organization, like many others in the media, that didn't adequately protect the women working within it so some were subject to unwanted and unpleasant interactions by sleazy men.

    So the solution is to make the women cover themselves up?

    What message does that send? Doesn't it really say "you are really the dirty temptresses that caused the problem". It's a form of creeping Islamification of the west where we start to adopt the notion that women should not be exposed so they do not tempt us 'cause it's really all their fault when people misbehave - they simply tempt men too much.

    Shouldn't we really be promoting the idea that women are beautiful and what's important is to treat them with respect and that it was the men who did wrong and were the only ones that had to change.

    Now you may think that beauty pageants are outdated. But no one if forcing you to watch or to take part. But why can't people who want to continue to do so? I'm not aware of any of the women being kidnapped and forced to take part, it was all voluntary and they could benefit from their beauty.

    And why is judging people on their physical attributes 'wrong'? If you are tall, you can play basketball. If you run fast you may become a sprinter. If you are clever you run a business or go into academia. There are all manner of activities that are judged based on the physical attributes we are really born with and make the most of or not. Why are those OK? Why is beauty any different?

    Beauty pageants: Gone. F1 Grid Girls: Gone. What next? Surely attractive people shouldn't be allowed on TV or in advertisements too? And that dancing some people can do - maybe that shouldn't be allowed either.

    Why not just make women wear burkas and then the problem will be solved eh?

    It's insanity.

  • _Morpheus

    I dont see the difference between beauty pageants and 4h competitions. Judge the meat as it walks by.

    Ok that was sarcasm. I really dont see the difference between beauty pageants and body building competitions. They both encourage physical beauty and judge on an outward criteria of “beauty” it their own ways. We hire beautiful people to read the news and advertise products and entertain us in movies. As you say, if its not your thing dont watch.

  • cofty

    Feminism ought to be about allowing women to freely choose what they do what they say and what they wear.

    Instead it has become about portraying women as helpless victims who need 'movements' to make decisions on their behalf.

    I suspect those at the forefront of banning public displays of female beauty have reason to be jealous.

  • LongHairGal


    I was a little surprised when I heard about this. It is, after all, a beauty contest - so I don’t think it’s all that bad they have a swimsuit competition. The swimsuits were all on the modest side and not like what you’d see on a beach.

    I know what you mean about creeping islamification and this is probably all about that and pandering to certain people in the viewing audience who complained about the swimsuits.

    I just don’t like what I see about how some women dress in public. (Slovenly like they just rolled out of bed.) If they are going to wear stretch pants or leggings, at least have a long t-shirt that covers the crotch area.

    But, leave the beauty pageant alone.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Third wave feminists like to tell everyone else what they can and cannot say, what they can and cannot think, and what entertainment they can and cannot enjoy.

    It's a bit like all the rules of the WTS or Sharia.

    I admire the attitude behind the following response:


  • freemindfade
    Why not just make women wear burkas and then the problem will be solved eh?
    It's insanity.

    But if you bring up the idea even merely rhetorically (as you just did) to make a point about how insane things are, your words will get twisted like Vice did, then Michelle Goldberg at the monk debates saying Jordan Peterson said women shouldn't wear heels and makeup to the office. You literally cannot win in this new PC wasteland.


    The left is a bottomless pit of endless stupidity

  • redvip2000

    agreed. completely idiotic.

    Why is this country so misguided in reacting to these moral panics? Is it fear of being accused by something, by those who spend their life coming up with excuses to complain? I believe it is.

    In any case, it might be a blessing in disguise. The show does not have the popularity it once had, so this will probably and finally nail the last nail on the coffin before it's cancelled.

  • snugglebunny

    We men like to look at a pretty woman. It's built into our psyche. And stays with us until old age. Isn't it great!

  • ttdtt
    We men like to look at a pretty woman. It's built into our psyche. And stays with us until old age. Isn't it great!

    Amen, brother!!!!! Especial pretty naked women.

    Nice beach photo by the way.

  • scratchme1010
    Why not just make women wear burkas and then the problem will be solved eh?
    It's insanity.

    I agree. It's insane. They are trying to make it a "competition", not a pageant. However, the Miss America event has experienced a number of challenges through the years, mostly because it is in fact based on an outdated idea of the place in women in society.

    That said, removing the swim suit contest, in my humble opinion, does not do anything other than bringing attention to it. I think it's an attention seeking move. The reality is that the even has suffered tremendously throughout the years.


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