Notes I drafted for a local JW at a cart

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  • StarryNight9

    "They are fearfully conscious that Yahweh is about to slaughter billions."

    Ah yes, but those are supposed to be those that rejected the JW message. It's much more difficult to explain away those who happened to belong to the wrong tribe in biblical "history". There's no official JW doctrine to explain away the capriciousness of who dies in that time period or the blatant cruelty. Slavery, killing of children/babies in conquest, and being forced to marry your rapist don't sit well with modern ethics. There will be JW diehards who will do mental gymnastics to find it somehow "acceptable", but it's a weak point in the JW bible-as-literal-history perspective.

    *I should probably mention that trying to convert a JW to a different religion is virtually impossible (if that's what you're attempting). When JW beliefs are dismantled... belief in the Bible/God often crashes and burns.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Thank you, StarryNight9,

    It is not my intention that a JW should remain within any religious regime.

    It is my desire that each person shall be free of the mental and emotional stresses that any religious leader wishes to apply, whatever the strategy they use.

    Yes, the Bible is not literal history. Stories are skewed for the purposes of control through religious superstition.

    At 78 years of age, I face my death with comfort and confidence.

    Which of the available innumerable Gods could a JW select? It is only since the 6th century BCE that Jewish monotheism managed to dominate their belief system. If a Bible is the sole source, which one is acceptable? I do not mean which version, I mean which Canon.


  • steve2

    Don’t forget the twin problems of trying to eat too much and getting indigestion. A select few tasty morsels are always better than a smorgasbord . Have her wanting more rather than regretting having eaten more.

  • Biahi

    Wow, that is a lot of information to share. She will start counting you as a bible study right there on the street corner. I've been on vacation for the past week, went to New Orleans. I had my first and only encounter with cart people there. It was two women, as I approached, they were all smiles. I then asked them if they had ever heard of the Australian Royal Commision. They shook their heads no. I told them a little about it and said they should go home and Google the ARC and jehovahs witnesses. I told them about the two witness rule, and how pedophiles get protected because police are never called. I told them their policies are disgusting. No comments from them, just deer in headlights look. I was a little nervous, next time I may try pale emperors suggestions.

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