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  • tor1500

    Hi Raven,

    Sorry for the lost of your great grandma...that's wonderful to have known your great grandma, many don't get the chance to...I was fortunate to know mine as well.... Grandma love or in your case great grandma love is so unconditional...Parents love you but they have to love and discipline but grandma's think their grandchildren are so can almost do anything when you are with them....they can spoil you then send you home...But in your case it was your great grandma that you got that least you got a shot at unconditional love...not many experience it...

    You handled yourself very well at the were respectful and nice...& you recognized she is crazy, we have one at the hall...but not like this one..this one is crazy but likes to have a lot of attention....The friends don't bother with her, because she is crazy, so me Miss Nice has taken to her...but I kis now how to pull back she may be crazy but she's a user...

    Anyway, this lady is overly zealous....maybe not even thinking this was not the time to approach you...all she sees is someone that she feels she can save, but don't know she needs help herself....mental health....First she is crazy, so give her a pass, if not, then, she was counting time and a showy display that she witnesses anytime and anyplace...Not all witnesses but some have a mental inbalance....why I say that because when we go out in service and they give us the territory...they xplain, where, who and go...we get outside...the first thing most of them say....where are we going and what did the brother's like most of them have an attention's so frustrating...they take pix of the territory...then when they look at the phone because of the sunlight they can't make out the they still don't I write it down...then we get outside and the friends say, again, where we going ? Then look at me....I say, the brother just told us....why are you using up my brain, don't you have comment from the friends...

    What you can take away from this is that you were lucky to have had your great had good times...keep those in your heart and mind and she will live forever...Leave the negative out of this situation and don't let it dictate the rest of your life....

    Oh, she ain't been crying since you left the truth...she never gave you a thought...I've experienced that at the hall. Aw, sister, I've was thinking about you blah blah blah...phooey....If you want to see the best actors in the world...don't go to the movies...go to a Kingdom hall near you...a bunch of actors for God.

    Be Strong...and Enjoy your life don't let this stop you from having JOY.


  • pale.emperor

    Yep, there's a crazy in every hall. I wouldn't have handled that as well as you did.

    condolences on your loss x

  • flipper

    RAVEN- My deepest condolences to you on the loss of your great grandmother- she seems like she was an astounding woman, sorry for your loss.

    As regards this wack job of a " sister " bugging you- it's SO like JW's to not honor boundaries like this, totally inappropriate though when you are mourning your dear great grandmother's death . You handled it really well by just kind of ignoring her and letting her fester in her own emotional juices. No amount of reasoning will stop these types of JW fanatics from thinking that we are " doomed " - so the best thing is to not get into any contact with her at a later date. Totally avoid her intrusion into your life as she will try to make you miserable by what she perceives as " saving " you. In reality you'll save YOURSELF by rejecting any of her intrusions on your personal boundaries. I feel for you- I've dealt with JW wack jobs like this- it's disconcerting to say the least. You are handling it well. Keep on keeping on. Take care, and I'm sorry for your loss

  • AllTimeJeff

    What The Flipper said.... Boundaries within the Borg do not really exist.

    Very sorry for your loss. What a whack job. It reminds me of Ray Franz handling a funeral after Freddie Franz was so insensitive on the platform. The purpose of a funeral is to honor the life of those who've passed, and comfort those who are grieving.... Except in JW land, where it is yet another marketing opportunity.

    And that is why the crazies feel they can do what they do..... :-/

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Sometimes life is a muddle at best and it sounds like you muddled your way through this uncomfortable situation admirably. I'm guessing that anything she may have to say about you to others will be disregarded because of her well known crazy ways and you likely scored some points with those within earshot at the time who noticed how well you handled this crazy person.

  • millie210

    Great posts here already Raven. Does it help to know you handled yourself with dignity and class? Your great grandmother would be so proud of you.

    I offer you my condolences for your loss and my admiration for your restraint.

    May the good memories seep in and wash out the brief encounter with crazy lady.

  • schnell

    My condolences. I am very sorry, and you sound very inspired by your great grandmother.

    She goes on and on and on and on about how the battlegrounds have already started to align, and if I am aware of the new arrangement, (I said yes so she'd shut up, but no I don't know what the new arrangement is, can anyone tell me?)

    Battlegrounds? She's nuts. I think this is an allusion to Trump and May and Putin, but it isn't something she or many honest Witnesses have considered very soberly. The Watchtower predictions aren't happening.

    As for a new arrangement, maybe she's referring to faders being considered DA'ed? I don't know.

    Crazy people are crazy.

  • tiki

    Wow...I'm sorry you had to be treated so disrespectfully at such a personal difficult time. The woman obviously is not right in the head....although her timing was dismal, she probably felt completely justified. You recognize it for what it is...a deluded soul. Put it behind you and if she tries to get to you, avoid...or if need be get the message across to her to get lost.

  • 3rdgen

    I am very sorry for your loss and the dreadful krazy sister's emotional assault on you at the funeral. She makes the occasion about HER, then blames her hysterics on YOU. "I have been crying hysterically since I heard you left Jehovah".

    JWs---- champions of poor timing and poor taste.

  • stillin

    So, you aren't going to return to the truth even after THAT?

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