The Silver JW Bible

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  • caves

    the girl next door- I misplaced it the last time we moved. I suspect it is in a thrift store somewhere.

    Imagine the shock and horror of the thrift store owner when all the smurfs, care bears, magical Disney movies, and scientific books all flew out of the store without being touched.

    Or like a 'Night at the Museum' scenario plays out each night. Lol.

  • caves


  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Caves! I literally LoL. I used to scour thrift stores for old WT publications. I found separately over years all the volumes of Rutherford’s studies in the scriptures. Never read them, they just looked exceptionally cool in my “spiritual library” and made all my pioneer buddies so jealous! Lmao.

    Those, I donated to an apostate with more energy than I.

    The only exceptional power any of the New World Translations of the Bible ever had for me was relieving lower back pain as I sat in the shitty chairs of the Kingdom Hell.

    Cushion anyone?

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Gosh this brings back memories.

    I was one of 2 elders assigned to coordinate receipt of all the surprise Bible's and recruited 4 key men (other elders). So we drove all the way to the WT literature Depot. The boxes were not labeled in a way that would give away their contents. The literature Depot servant who lives at the depot told me whilest loading that not even his wife knew what was in all the tractor trailer load of boxes.

    They sat in my garage for a week before I carted them to the KH with GB directed specific distribution directions. It all "paid off" to see the tears of joy streaming down the faces of hundreds as they received one OF THE MOST PERVERTED INTERPRETATIONS OF SCRIPTURE EVER PRINTED.

    And there you go.

  • MightyV8

    Here the latest version

  • Tameria2001

    Thank you for describing it and showing the picture. :)

  • sparky1

    New World Translation: Not Worded Truthfully!

  • Biahi

    Black? Maroon? I had the old green cover ones, and still have it.

  • GLTirebiter

    Though improved over previous versions, it still seems to not be made to last (my opinion, based on one my son-in-law had stored in my garage for a while). Paper quality and weight are mediocre, covers are light weight, etc. It is a bargain bin special, not Grandma's family Bible being passed down to later generations.

    Then again, my Gideon Society pocket sized NT-Psalms-Proverbs is 40 years old and still in good shape--not bad for a freebie handed out on the campus quad!

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    They don't want them to last. It is an eye opening experience having an earlier edition of something later revised. Reading along using my old Revelation book with someone else reading a " new light" version Revelation book I saw stuff had to be changed because it hadn't come true. Isn't that false prophesy?

    I didn't understand why no one else saw it.

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