The Silver JW Bible

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  • caves

    The year was 2010.

    This has always infuriated me. I was POMI ( but didnt know it). Anyway I went to the KH and sat thru some meetings and asked for a bible. The new silver one had just come out. I asked if I could have one and an Elder told me no. "No, only Jehovah's witness can have that one. " I drove to another cong and was gladly presented one, upon request, upon arrival.

    So my question. How was the new silver bible viewed by jws when it came out?

    Why do you think I was refused one at one cong but not another? {power, paranoid tripping elder? that's my guess.

    I was such a complete lost dude back then, and it showed big time. I was living in the mountains, off the grid struggling with the mental war in my mind. ( I had just been diagnosed with PTSD a yr and a half earlier and that's all they knew.)

    I was so very frightened. And this little maneuver of theirs sent me into a extra several year battle of confusion in regards jws. Ultimately a good thing. I suppose, Well Im still living.

    But why did this elder do this?

    I have gotten several copies after that simply out of spite and curiosity and my PO-Mentally riding the fence of cognitive dissonance mind was grasping at thin air.

    In such a short period of time the jw silver bible came and the website, things changed real quick.

    Was there a reason not to give a person the "new" jw bible then?

  • millie210

    Power tripping elder sounds right to me.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    My daughter got one for me from a cart

  • OneEyedJoe

    When the bibles were initially released, they'd been sent in limited quantity to the congregations and I seem to remember there being some comment about them being only for publishers from the assigned congregation initially, if people wanted extras or one for a study, it would have to be ordered.

    I suspect that the first elder was one of those that bought in particularly hard to the "we're special" mentality that gets trained into JWs and probably took pleasure in it, so he took the instruction that the initial batch of bibles was for his congregation's publishers only as another way to demonstrate the specialness of active JWs (and therefore himself) and that led him to act like a dick.

    The second guy either didn't pay attention to the instructions not to give away bibles all willy-nilly or he didn't care or maybe by some turn of events he knew they had a few extras.

  • Gorbatchov

    Most Silver Swords are unused, because of the app.


  • freddo

    Actually it was 2013 when the Silver bible came out.

    For me at the time it was the last high point of Watchtower - even dulling the bewilderment of the 2010 overlapping generation - but before the 2014 emotional hoopla conventions and the slow slide to GB-Rolex-TV, kingdom hall sell offs and congregation mergers.

    Then the ARC - with Justice McClellan's kind but firm fist in a velvet glove and Angus Stewart's incisive professionalism which was more silver scalpel than silver sword.

  • caves

    Freddo-Actually it was 2013 when the Silver bible came out.

    So was there a pre- release to elders and MS or something before 2013? I threw away the first two copies Nov of 2013. But got another last year. Yes the copy right date says 2013.

    I now wish I had keep the other two. In Jw world it amazing I even got a copy then in Aug 2010 much less 2. WtF, I just checked, its even in my journal. That is so weird.

  • stillin

    They did that with the "special study edition" of the Watchtower too. There was the edition for the public and the one for the congregation study. At least in my congregation, they were very guarded about who got a copy of the "study edition."

    In the video of the Annual Meeting when they were handing out the Silver Sword, it was like the Eucharist was being passed around, a sacrament. The pomp! The ceremony! The solemn moment!

    Then they find a few people who have divinity degrees or some scholarly letters after their name and quote them as saying what a superior translation it is.

  • Tameria2001

    I'm curious, what does this silver bible look like? I left the JWs way before that.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    It’s a little thicker and shorter than the black or maroon version you may remember. The paper is a bit thicker and less transparent than the cigarette paper used before. The cover is light gray and is very soft and malleable instead of the rigid leather of before.

    As a disfellowshipped and identified “full blown apostate” I asked my still in JW mom to give me one and she did.

    I misplaced it the last time we moved. I suspect it is in a thrift store somewhere.

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