Beard criticism - NOT from JWs

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  • undercover

    Most branches of the military have strict grooming rules. Some large US companies have strict grooming rules. The New York Yankees baseball team doesn't allow facial hair period.

    If you're an employee, you can quit. It might not be prudent, depending on the perks of the company, but you won't be shunned for finding another job.

    If you're in the military, you don't have to sign back up once your time is done, and again, no one will shun you because you moved on.

    If you're a Yankee, you know going in the deal. If it's a deal breaker, you can always sign with the Red Sox. And still the Yankee players won't shun you.

  • SonoftheTrinity

    If you have to submit to a hairstyle to do a job, it just feels like your employer owns you off the clock. I can't live like that, because God created us to be free and not slaves. I don't even like patronizing businesses with clean cut requirements.

  • darkspilver

    SonoftheTrinity: I don't even like patronizing businesses with clean cut requirements.

    No McDonalds for you then!

    Hmm, maybe that's a good thing

  • Finkelstein

    The no beard policy made by the WTS. as well the no long hair, was done so to groom men as being wholesome righteous men when going door to door selling the WTS literature, kind of like how certain companies enforce certain dress code protocols.

    The intent is to shape and present an image in front of the general public.

    Of course the WTS heads pulled a scripture out the bible to support their direction, which the WTS leaders typically try and do.

    In Judaism its perceived to be a sin to shave a man's beard as its an insult to god and his creation and the bible states in the OT that men are not to shave off the sides of their heads, that's why you see Orthodox Jewish men have elongated uncut side burns.

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