VERTIGO: 'My head is moving through space where, in reality, it is not.'

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  • nonjwspouse

    Yes I have, it's no fun! Had to take "sea sickness" medication for a while due to the nausea. So sorry you have this cc!

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    CoCo, I'm happy to hear you are improving! I had vertigo back in the day when I was pioneering. My doctor said it was a virus. I was able to drive, but laying down and walking were intolerable. Maybe it's like sailing-- good to go as long as you are looking at the horizon?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, bobcat, LisaRose, nonjwspouse, and Sail Away, and thanks for sharing your experiences. They have been very helpful.

    When I first experienced vertigo, some 13 years ago, I had no idea what put me on the floor, unmovable, for 10 hours. A friend brought me Dramamine, which helped. I don't even know how I contacted my friend -- the phone was dead.

    Doc said it was a virus.

    Appreciate your concern . . .

  • ShirleyW

    I've had positional vertigo for 30 years, funny thing is when I went to the Dr. about a year ago she gave me some print outs with excercises to do to keep it at bay. Most of the time it bothers me in bed when I turn my head a certain way, so one of the things to do is look to the left for 5 second and then the right, while I was doing that while in bed looking straight ahead of me it brought on one of the worse attacks I've had, because usually after my head stops spinning I can walk ok with no staggering, that time what scared me was after I thought I was OK and I got up to walk I couldn't walk straight, lasted for a few minutes then went away, that was last October, haven't had a major attack since, but I didn't like that not being able to walk straight when I thought that I could.


    "OH MY VERTIGO" by K. Kuspa

    (sung to the tune of "Oh Suzannah"...)

    Oh, I spun so hard, the other night
    I thought I was a top
    I laid my head and tried to rest,
    But it just would not stop!
    Oh, the doctor said it was my ear,
    The next said it was stress
    Another gave me happy pills
    He said I was depressed.


    *OH, my vertigo!
    *What have you done to me!
    *I have left the land of sanity
    *And am spinning endlessly!
    The fourth said my neck was messed up
    The vertebrae were skewed
    So I went into traction
    Just to please this fancy dude!
    Another doctor saw me
    She said it was migraine
    and then she plainly told me
    not to come back again!


    Another said I'd had a stroke,
    Another said, "AMEN!"
    The eighth, she said, "A PLF!"
    The ninth, he said "MM!"

    My HMO is sick of me,
    but "they'll do what they can;"
    But then, I heard--it was a joke!
    I was not in their plan!

    K. Kuspa, c.1997

  • flipper

    CoCo- I've had this twice. Once really bad in 2004 with nausea, vomiting which lasted about 4 hours and I was dizzy for 10 days straight. Had to have my son do my jobs in my business for me during that period as I couldn't even drive. It finally subsided after 10 days. Then again another attack in 2012 and it put me on the ground hugging the cold toilet for a couple hours and my wife and niece dragged me on a quilt out to the living room couch - as I could not even walk. I recovered in about 4 days the second time.

    In other words- I empathize. Been there, felt the pain. No fun whatsoever. My doctor told me I had bi-lateral vertigo and it was caused by calcium deposits crowding your nerve endings inside your ears blocking the signals to your brain that tell you when to move your eyes in harmony with the rest of your body. Thus the spinning motion which makes you feel like you're on the worst spinning carnival ride of your life - or a bad LSD trip gone awry. First time I experienced it - I thought I was having a freaking stroke at age 44 !

    The exercises folks here mentioned helped me as well and I haven't had any reoccurrences. I wouldn't wish vertigo on my worst enemy . I hope you get to feeling better CoCo. Hang in there. Best wishes to you, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Je.suis.oisif


    I've never experienced this. My youngest daughter suffers from me and has had several bouts which has resulted in her being hospitalized.

    Nothing to add, except good wishes for your recovery.

  • LisaRose

    It started with a virus for my husband as well, though later it happened again for no reason. Vertigo can be debilitating, it's pretty hard to function when your world won't stop spinning. He had something even weirder happen this week, driving down the freeway his vision went completly black for a few seconds. He pulled over and I drive him to the emergency room, but they couldn't find any problem to account for it. He went to his regular doctor this week and they are running more tests.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    ZAPPA-ESQUE: That is hilarious and will keep my head spinning -- in a good way! THANKS!

    ShirleyW: Goes to show that one treatment does not fit all. I understand your misery. Thanks for sharing!

    flipper: A one-time janitor, I relate to the stress of incapacitating illness and inability to get to work. Likewise, my family helped when I was down and out, but for other reasons at the time. My first episode ever -- referred to in the OP -- was when I was 54. I can understand your thinking it was a stroke. Like you said, you wouldn't wish vertigo on your worst enemy. And to think, yours lasted that long! Thanks for telling your story -- a good but scary one!

    je.suis.oisif: You've seen it, then, first hand. So sorry about your daughter's suffering. Thank you.

    LisaRose: Your husband was lucky he could pull over -- WHEW!!! What's maddening is going to a doc and finding nothing wrong. I was told by our therapy center to come in when you're having the attack -- SURE! But I get the point. Thanks!

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