Does the WTS have a clergy class

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  • ozziepost
    Everyone in Bethel. Women and non Elders too. So the theory about wt paid clergy falls apart because the same allowance for everyone is not a paid clergy.

    So what you’re saying is that they all get the same, right?

    Man, have you been in Bethel?

    The GB get the same?? Really?.

    That’s how Tony Morris can buy $100 bottles of whisky, eh?

  • Longlivetherenegades

    Meaning of Clergy: 1. the body of all people ordained for religious duties, especially in the Christian Church.

    Clergy: 2. a group ordained to perform pastoral or sacerdotal functions in a Christian church

    From the main post created by blondie......

    Following the model of first-century Christianity, Jehovah’s Witnesses have no clergy-laity division. All baptized Witnesses are ordained ministers and share in the preaching and teaching work.

    From the above it follows that all ELDERS aka BODY of ELDERS of Christian congregation of Jehovah's witnesses are ordained for religious duties such as pastoral and sacerdotal functions.

    They sure have a clergy and a clergy class even calling it body of elders. The body of elders is a class of body in the ONE BODY of Jesus christ

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