Org Is RACIST! Towards Sisters Of COLOR In Particular--IMO!

by HiddlesWife 21 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • sparky1

    "One of the worse jobs at Bethel is the bindery line. Go there and check it out 80% of the people there are black or Spanish." - new boy

    Believe it or not, some a$$hole told me the reason for this. He said that people of color have better 'rhythm' and so can flip the 'signatures' in concert with the speed of the machine. Whether it was really policy or not, I don't know .Although I wouldn't have put it past Max Larsen or Calvin Chyke to come up with something that racist.

  • tor1500


    I'm on the same page as you...I make a good living...I help when I can...but the hall is full of users...& if you aren't married, they think you are up for grabs...meaning you are at their disposal. Most of the brothers like me but know I'm confident...I see them when I'm at a gathering... they check me out, I'm not a wall flower...I think they are afraid that their wives will copy me.. Many of the brothers sometimes like to correct me....guess what ? I let them, I'm not giving them no ammunition...

    I'm finding out most witnesses are users....if you happen to be nice, they'll take advantage of you. Now I know why some friends keep to themselves. I like you don't fall for the poverty ACT...many act as if they don't have $$$, but guess what they do....that's an act of holiness...but when you think of's an insult to God...he blessed you with a good living & folks running around saying they poor just to make points with God...

    I spend time with the friends but not too much...whatever they have, I don't want it....

    As someone on here said...after all these years...only 1 black GB...guess that had to fill the affirmative action clause...& another one on here said the org. is run by white when I first came into the truth & saw all the anointed were white...I thought to myself, what's the,they run things now & in the future, so where is this paradise ????? It's the same set-up...


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