Crazy humour.

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  • zeb

    Anyone recall the BBC-radio "Goon Show"? anyone at all?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I remember the tv version..the tellygoons. Same characters and voices..but i dont know if the voices were the real actors..secombe milligan and sellers etc.

  • Onager

    I had tapes of the Goons radio show. Listened to them over and over. You may hear me say "Winds light to variable" to this day...

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I still have Spike's books in my library and Badjelly the Witch in my record collection :D

  • jonahstourguide

    Mate, I've got a stack of cd's and listen to them often when driving long distances.

    Bridge over the river Kwai comes to mind. then there's 'lost horizon' where the location of shangri la was written 'on the back of a fag packet' .


    I grew up listening to them wiv my old man on abc radio in Oz on a sunday night,,, never needed a telly.

  • Black Sheep
  • tiki

    The things you miss out on being American! British humor is the best. Fawlty towers for example....John Cleese....too funny!!! Monty Python....

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Yes I was a great Goon Show fan back in the 1950's. My parents could never understand it however. I still remember such episodes as "Tales of Old Dartmoor" where they took the prisoners, complete with jail, to the South of France. One prisoner drowned when he tunnelled out!

    I also had the records, "The Ying Tong Song", "Bloodnock's Rock and Roll Call" etc.

    I moved on to H...H...H...Hancock's Half Hour and such episodes as "Wild Man of the Woods" and "The East Cheam Drama Festival". Hancock went on to TV as H...H...H...Hancock and the classics such as "The Radio Ham" and "The Blood Donor".

    Happy days, I don't understand any of the modern so-called humour.


  • zeb

    It seems today that comedians cant start up without profanity and the female comedians are by far the worse.

    even a fairly plain show called Countdown' from the uk has this..

  • Diogenesister

    I don’t but my dad was a huge fan. I remember he had a book written by the “ Goons”. My grandma was a big Harry Seacomb fan, too. She loved his singing voice ;))

    (Ive read Spike Milligan’s bio and I loved it, btw).

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