Here You Go, Folks! - Leah Remini

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    Let’s see if Lloyd and the gang can actually do something and keep their egos and agendas in check.

    I appreciate the work that Lloyd does, but if he blows an opportunity to truly expose the cult in favor of his kinder-gentler “I’m too enlightened to be pissed approach.”, then he’ll be on my shit list.

    The last thing we need right now, with all the momentum that exists, is for someone in Lloyd’s position to wear kids gloves so as to appear enlightened and above indignation.

  • smiddy3

    I would like to see either someone like Barbara Anderson , Steven Unthank , Paul Grundy , Steve ,Hassan , or Bill Bowen on the show .

    Or maybe even all of them at some point to give an overall world view and not from just one country like the USA .

    Can you think of any others to suggest ? It could be good for a second program if not for the first one on JW`s.

    We could all make a suggestion to leah Remini and her program .

  • joe134cd

    Yes I would of liked to see Bill, Barbra, and Paul on the show as they have been around much longer than Lloyd. But hats off to Lloyd I hope he comes out batting for the team

  • flipper

    Really looking forward to Leah Remini & Mike Rinder coming back with their activism in exposing these cults JW's & Scientology. Very well done program and I'm sure the Jehovah's Witnesses 2 hour program will be done the same with detail, professionalism, and great interviews with Lloyd, Cliff, or whomever else is on there. The main thing is - Jehovah's Witnesses and the WT Society are being exposed for criminal behavior and abuses to their members. Whomever the EX-JW is exposing it doesn't matter ( unless it's Rick Fearon, you don't want him on there - god forbid ) - but most of the other EX-JW's on there would do a great job of exposing this evil cult. Should be a great show ! Go Leah & Mike ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • KiddingMe

    I’m looking forward to seeing how they cover this.

    I heard a group of JW’s talking about the King of the North being identified, then they started talking about the recent news re to the handling of the clergy/catholic’s molesting children. Another jumps in and start talking about seeing the trailer Leah Remini and how there are saying they are similarities with Scientology. They were somewhat dismissive, saying it’s probably a bunch of apostates she talked to. Then another in the group starts talking about a case in their hall in which an elder was molesting his own children and his current wife didn’t know that was why the previous wife divorced him. Apparently the brothers waited until the authorities handled it and put him on the sex offender registry to disfellowship him.

    I added that part of the problem with the Catholics was the internal handling of these cases instead of reporting to authority. I’m hoping this coverage highlights more of the internal policy flaws of JW’s and how

  • ToesUp

    "They were somewhat dismissive, saying it’s probably a bunch of apostates she talked to."

    Yes, a bunch of apostates that are exposing WT for what they really are. Justice is being served!!!

  • KiddingMe

    It’s all good when the coverage is about the Catholics, Scientologist or any other religion...and it’s a shame what they are doing. But when it’s about JW’s, the victims must be at fault.

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