The Evils of Aluminum

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  • Vidiot
    LoveUniHateExams - ", WT style..."

    Here's another example:

  • steve2

    Well, the Awake! may have provided one measly article that took a moderate stand on aluminium but the earlier message remained firmly in place with older JWs, including my maternal grandmother and my own mother. When I set up my own home in the later 1970s, my mother inspected my ovenware and pots.

    Luckily for me I already knew how she'd react so ensured my aluminium cookware were kept out of her sight.

  • schnell
    It's pronounced Aluminium, not Aluminum (which to by Brit ears, sounds like someone with a stroke trying to say Aluminium.

    I will now pronounce it aluminio, just to spite you. ;P Language evolves in part by misspelling and mispronouncing, or maybe I'm just ornery.

  • steve2

    American spelling and pronunciation differs from English spelling and pronunciation. You are flogging a dead horse to expected uniformity

  • deegee

    Some years ago I met a special pioneer in Trinidad who claimed that her diabetes was due to using aluminium cookware...........go figure.......

  • blondie

    My experience has been that it has been an older jw that has clung to the wild idea. When they expressed it to the younger jws, they have no idea that was ever taught by the WTS (like me). My mother is the generation after that so that makes me third gen. It might have been a problem in the past but aluminum pans are manufactured differently now for sure.

    Add to that microwaves and vaccinations. Never heard of it. One of my contemporary jws had a mother much older than mine and she lived by the concept that a diet of only grapes would cure cancer.

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    no password

    Aluminum, Fluoride, and Glyphosate—A Toxic Trifecta Implicated in Autism and Alzheimer's Disease

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    WTWizard » I would say silver is the metal of Satan. Silver represents freedom from financial bondage. It is also the best conductor of both heat and electricity, and is one of the most reflective metals of all. It also kills bacteria and viruses that can cause disease, but is harmless to humans. As such, it is both a monetary and industrial metal that represents freedom. And Satan represents freedom.


    Actually, silver has always been considered as a protection from evil. It kills werewolves and is used against witchcraft. It represents stability, light and virtue, things Satan usually isn't identified with. It also quickly tarnishes and that has been identified with maintaining one's integrity and honor, which require constant care and polishing.

    Judas is said to have been given thirty pieces of silver to betray Jesus, but he ultimately rejected it.

    I've never heard of Satan representing freedom. In fact, he is represented as causing bondage.

    So your outlook is interesting.

  • DJS

    Mercola is a combination healthy, natural life choices and conspIracy theorist nut job Web site.

    I wondered when the CTs would show up. The site also preaches that vaccines really do cause autism and the CDC and ALL regulatory gov groups are out to get you.

  • sir82

    I heard anti-aluminum talk from JWs well into the 80's.

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