The map of ex Jehovah's-Witnesses and their friends

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Wow! Me thinks of Isaiah 60:22 (The little one will become a mighty nation) when I see this map of exJWs.

    Awesome Idea Roxie!

  • Roxie

    Thank you JW goneBad 😁 the map is not my idea. I only wanted to share it with users of this forum. 😃

  • smiddy3

    I have added my email to this site I hope it catches on sounds like a good idea to connect with former JW`s.

    It`s also great to see visually how many people from all over the world are leaving the "Borg"-anization .

    One minor problem I see is the size of the "marker" it`s too big and is hard to pinpoint an adjoining person to it ?

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    Otherwise a great site /idea.

  • sillygirlforgotpassword

    What a great initiative!

    Thank you for sharing Roxie :)

    Sorry to sound daft but I do not know how to pin myself to this map. (And I thought I was a proper geek)

  • Roxie

    It's in my first post:

    "Write me an email including information as these: a city/town you live in, your name (or a nickname), the way you would like to be contacted e.g. your phone number or e-mail. The information you provide along with your location will appear on the map. My e-mail address: [email protected] " 😆

  • Skepsis

    What a good idea!

    Roxie, I will send you a PM, I'm thinking about presenting this map in a Spanish-speaking forum.

    BTW, I agree with some comments, I visited Poland recently and it's a great country. Liked the food, the landscapes... and places like Krakow are incredibly beautiful.

  • Roxie

    Skepsis! That's GREAT! I can see that there are not many Spaniards pinned to the map, soooo.... I am waiting for your PM. :)

    In Europe there are not many people from France - so if there is someone, who would like to share the idea in French speaking forum - feel free to contact me.

    The same for any other language :) just send me PM :)

    Great Skepsis, thank you again :)

  • slimboyfat

    There was such a map on this forum around 15 years ago. I wonder if it still exists.

    There seemed to be more participants then, but none from Poland that I recall. It's funny how things change.

  • Roxie

    Wow! Great 😆

  • ballistic

    It was me that used to keep the UK and Ireland map going. It was fun to do at the time but I ran out of spare time to keep it going plus, it becomes apparent after a while that people come and go on JWD and so the names fall out of familiarity. (I guess as they should, and people move on)

    Curious to know - are you saying there are a lot of eJW's in the UK from Poland or just from Poland in general?

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